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House of Lorraine

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House of Lorraine
Lorraine COA.png
Armorial of Lorraine
Country Holy Roman Empire, Austria-Hungary, Tuscany, Modena
Parent house House of Metz (continuation)
Founder Adalbert de Lorraine
Final ruler Charles I of Austria
Current head Archduke Karl of Austria
Founding year 1047
Ethnicity Frankish, Austrian (see details)
Cadet branches

The House of Lorraine, also the House of Habsburg-Lorraine, is an imperial and royal house founded in the 11th century by Adalbert de Lorraine as a branch and paternal continuation of the House of Metz. Their paternal ancestors were Franks who rose into the nobility during the Carolingian Age, with their tentative progenitor being Bivin of Gorze who was associated with Bosonids. For much of the Middle Ages, the Lorraine dynasty would be best known as a regional power on the European Continent, holding the Duchy of Upper Lorraine in the Holy Roman Empire, which they had inherited during 1047.

It was only during the 18th century that the dynasty rose to a monarchal and imperial level after becoming heirs to the exinct House of Habsburg with Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor. They provided four Holy Roman Emperors in total, until the empire was dissolved under Francis II, Holy Roman Emperor as a result of being defeated at Austerlitz by Napoleon Bonaparte during the War of the Third Coalition. Following this, including Francis II, they provided three presidents of the German Confederation and four Emperors of Austria. The last ruler of the Austro-Hungarian Empire was defeated during World War I and is known in the Vatican II Church as Blessed Charles I of Austria.

Earlier the House of Lorraine had also briefly provided one Emperor of Mexico in the 19th century with the backing of Napoleon III and various Mexican conservatives—Maximilian I of Mexico—who was eventually murdered at the behest of fellow freemasonic "brother" and Jacobinical ultra-liberal Benito Juárez.[1] Lorraine disgraced their heritage significantly during the time of Archduke Otto of Austria, who was the honourary president of the International Paneuropean Union, founded in 1923 by the notorious freemason, national-nihilist and advocate of Jewish political supremacy; Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi.[2]


The dynasty were deeply involved in freemasonry and can be held responsible for the Masonification of Austria after the passing of the Catholic Habsburgs, as well as similar activities in the Grand Duchy of Tuscany after the extinction of the Medicis. The first monarch, Francis I Lorraine, Holy Roman Emperor was made a mason through British Empire influence; he was initiated into the Grand Lodge of England at The Hague and later made a Master Mason at the Houghton Hall estate of Whig British Prime Minister Robert Walpole. His son, Joseph II Lorraine, Holy Roman Emperor was a staunch ally of the freemasons, though is not known to have been one himself. The family only started to backtrack with the anticipation of the Revolution in France, with Austria banning masonry in 1795 and then their enemy Napoleon Bonaparte used it as a tool in the Napoleonic Wars. In more recent times, after their useless monarchy was ousted, Otto Lorraine was a close supporter of Richard Nikolaus Coudenhove-Kalergi.

List of monarchs

Holy Roman Emperors

Portrait Name From Until Relationship with predecessor
Frans I von Habsburg.jpg
Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor 13 September 1745 18 August 1765 Great-grandson of Ferdinand III, Holy Roman Emperor. Husband of Maria Theresa of Austria.
Anton von Maron 006.png
Joseph II, Holy Roman Emperor 18 August 1765 20 February 1790 Son of Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor.
Johann Daniel Donat, Emperor Leopold II in the Regalia of the Golden Fleece (1806).png
Leopold II, Holy Roman Emperor 20 February 1790 1 March 1792 Son of Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor.
Francis II, Holy Roman Emperor at age 25, 1792.png
Francis II, Holy Roman Emperor 1 March 1792
11 August 1804
6 August 1806
2 March 1835
Son of Leopold II, Holy Roman Emperor. In 1804 he became the first Emperor of Austria.

Emperors of Austria

Portrait Name From Until Relationship with predecessor
Ferdinand I; Keizer van Oostenrijk.jpg Ferdinand I of Austria 2 March 1835 2 December 1848 Son of Francis I of Austria.
Kaiser franz.jpg Franz Joseph I of Austria 2 December 1848 21 November 1916 Nephew of Ferdinand I of Austria.
Emperor karl of austria-hungary 1917.png Charles I of Austria 21 November 1916 11 November 1918 Great-nephew of Franz Joseph I of Austria.

Emperor of Mexico

Portrait Name From Until Relationship with predecessor
Maximilian I of Mexico.png
Maximilian I of Mexico 10 April 1864 15 May 1867 Adopted the grandsons of Agustín I, Agustín de Iturbide y Green and his cousin Salvador de Iturbide y Marzán.



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