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List of communist Jews in Romania

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This is a list of the Jews who formed the government of Romania in the first years of the communist regim brought by soviet tanks. These Jews made the Holocaust (Genocide) against Romanians which is a part of the Red Holocaust. Also the list includes the Jews who took the power in Romania after the failure of communist regime (after 1989).

Ion Iliescu
  • Iliescu Ion President of Romania
  • Iosifescu Silviu (Silvian!) alias Samson Iosifovich, made a censorship to the important Romanian writers Eminescu, Alecsandri, Vlahuţă, cutting the parts which were not according to communist point of view.
  • Jehan Mihai, alias Jakob Michael, chief of Romanian Industry of Cinematography.
  • Kleiman (Kleinmann), Moisei Solomonovici
  • Kofman (Kaufmann?) Iakov
  • Kohn Hillel
  • Koller Ştefan, (colonel of State Securitaty, comander of Aiud Prison)
  • Lăzărescu N. alias Burach Lazarovich, business foreign affairs of Romania in Paris.
  • Leibovici, Ştrul Abramovici
  • Lemkovici Feiga
  • Levin Misha general secretary of the General League of Labor
  • Luca Elisabeta
  • Lupu Petre (Pressman, Pressmann)
  • Lutenko Moisei
  • Levin, ex officer of the Red Army, chief of Censorship for press.
  • Liman Horea, alias Lehman, backer editor of Scânteia.
  • Marin "Gaston" Gheorghe (Gh. Grossmann)
  • Mezincescu Eduard (Mezingher, Mesinger)
  • Moghioroş Alexander, Minister of Nationalities, Hungarian Jew.
  • Morghenstern (Morgenstern), Izrail (Israel) Markovici
  • Naş Leon (Littman, Littmann)
  • Nicolschi Alexandru (Boris Grünberg), colonel of State Securitaty
  • Manole Ofelia
  • Simon Oieru, alias Schaeffer, secretary of State.
Bogdan Olteanu
, president of the Chamber of Deputies, the lower house of the Romanian Parliament.
Ana Pauker
Petre Roman
  • Roman Petre, Prime Minister of Romania
  • Samoilă alis Samuel Rubinstein/Rubenstein, manager governor of Scânteia.
  • Sielberman (Silbermann) Iosif
  • Saevici Faibisch
  • Sam Asriel, alias Şerban, general secretary of the General League of Labor
  • Schnapp, Manager governor of newspaper România Liberă.
  • Sencovich Alexander, general secretary of the General League of Labor
  • Sepeanu Tudor
  • Stoica Gheorghe (Moscu Cohn)
  • Stupineanu, alias Stappnau, chief of Economical Espionage.
  • Stöffel Emeric, Jew from Hungary, ambassador of Romania in Switzerland.
  • Suder William, alias Wilman Suder , chief of Counter-Espionage.
  • Szillagy Ida, Jewess, friend of Ana Pauker. The real ruler of Romanian Embassy in London.
  • Ştrul Mauriciu, comander of State Security in Galaţi
  • Teigher Simion (Teiger)
  • Tertulian, N. (Nathan Veinstein/Weinstein), literary critic
  • Tismăneanu Leon (Lev Moiseevici Tismeneţki)
  • Toma Sorin, alias Moscovici, pressman of "Scânteia"
  • Vass Ghizela
  • Vihrev, Abram Naumovici
  • Vinter Ioan alias Jakob Winter, the second literar marxist critic of Romania.
  • Voicu Ştefan, alias Aurel Rottenberg
  • Voiculescu Ervin alias Erwin Weinberg, chief of Department for passports in Minister of Foreign Affairs.
  • Zaharescu Barbu (Zuckerman, Zuckermann)
  • Zamfir Laurian, alias Laurian Rechler, general, chief of Security.
  • Zeider, solicitor (jurist) of Minister of Foreign Affairs .
  • Zeiger Lev, general manager in Economy Minister.
  • Zighelbaum (Ziegelbaum), Strul
  • Wassermann Ilka, the real manager of Foreign Affairs
  • Weigel, university teacher , the tyran of Bucharest University. He lead the operation to purge anti communist students.
  • Weiss Ludovic

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