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List of Jewish international Organizations

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This list includes Jewish international organizations of different ideologies, there are pro-Zionist and pro-Israeli ones as well as anti-Zionist ones such as Neturei Karta. This list also includes both Jewish Supremacist organizations and non supremacist ones.


Dominating organizations

Name Site Notes
Anti Defamation League adl.org
Bnai Brith [1]
State of Israel
American Jewish Committee [2]
Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee [3] Has organized most attack against Ernst Zundel
Jewish Defense League [4] Has organized an attack against Paul Fromm on April 19, 2007
AIPAC [5] Israeli American lobby site.

Opposition organizations

Name Site Notes
Neturei Karta [6] Jews against Zionism

External links

  • JewWatch, an observer of Jewish activities.
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