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Some of the different jews mentioned on this page may be used as building blocks, which encourage to get acquainted with these jewish aspects by toying. Additionally they may serve as little exhilaration by inserting them when writing Rightpedia pages.

Preliminary general reflections about the intrinsic fake of jewishness

• Fake-jews or the twofold fundamental fake-character of jewishness

Since jews are the motor of the forgery of history, true science etc., it may be intuitively supposed that there must be a fundamental fraud in the kernel of the whole concept of jewishness as such. This is investigated in the following.
  1. Religious jews: Since Judaism is satanism it cannot count as religion, it is hence a fake religion: it is the blatant opposite of religion; religious Judaism is a perversion (like pedophilia, homosexuality or sodomy).
  2. Genealogy jews: Their genealogy as a separate folk is a fraud, since “As of today, no study based on anonymous DNA samples has succeeded in identifying a genetic marker specific to Jews, and it is not likely that any study ever will” (Shlomo Sand) ([1], chapter 2.4).

Of course there are also fake jews of a more dumpy kind as mentioned below in Section 2.4.

Further distinctions

The jew pyramid/hierarchy...according to whoever made this image.

• Hierarchic point of view

  1. The highest jews or The imponderable Jews are the Demons/Satan
  2. The purest jews are (ironically) Esau (and the other scriptural Jews), i.e. bastards generated by interbreeding Berbers (Sand-Negroes) with Demons
  3. The bigot jews are the Rabbis
  4. The finance jews are the bankers
  5. The Mob-jews are the orthodox Jews
  6. The Flock-jews are the atheist Jews, called by the euphemism "secular Jews" that includes Communist Jews (both bolsheviks and modern western Cultural Marxists) and many Israelis including, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

• Jew-nationalist point of view for Full-jews

e.g. Trotsky, Karl Popper, Einstein;
this distinction is partly overlapping:
  • Zionist jews (= Jewish pseudo-Nationalism, to steal land in Palestine), e.g. Einstein
  • Sephardic jews
  • Ashkenazi jews (= Khazar jews) [These are the Jews from the Black Sea region who invaded Europe since before the time of Charlemagne. The character of this Turk-folk had so much conflicts with the rest of society (e.g. jewing people over) that the Tzar didn't want them in Russia, so he used Europe as a garbage can for them.
  • Ethiopian Jews

• Subversive manifestations of jews

(the manifestations are 1. partly overlapping and 2. partly there is a focus especially against the white race, e.g. The self-pity Jew, The butcher-genocidal Jew, parts of The genocidal Jew, and the recruiting of Ersatz-Jews):

• Strange versions of fake jews (pretending in a dumpy way to be jews)

  • e.g. actress Whoopi Goldberg who changed her last name to pretend to be Jewish to get ahead in Hollywood and she does not have Judaism (Talmudism or Torah-only) as her religion.
  • Black Hebrew Israelites

• Jewishness in things