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Ashkenazi Jews

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Ashkenazi Jews or Ashkenazim are the Turko-Mongol race of fake Jews from Eastern Europe. Ashkenazi means "Beloved German", even though few ethnic Germans are Ashkenazis. Most Ashkenazi Jews with extended histories in Europe are Ashkenazim, with the exception of those associated with the Mediterranean region. The majority of the Ashkenazi Jews who decolonised Europe to invade other continents in the past two centuries are Ashkenazim, Eastern Ashkenazim in particular. This is especially true in the United States, where most of the Jews in the United States[1] are Khazarian, representing the world's single largest concentration of Ashkenazim.

Genetically, they can trace their roots to 330 people who lived during the Middle Ages.[2] The Ashkenazis are the product of a conversion to Judaism by the Hebrews. These were the Khazars, a people of the Turkoid race that converted to Judaism.


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