We need to get out and vote this year or USA Republicans will lose majority in Congress and Trump will be impeached.

See this video. By the middle of it, Tommy Robinson learns that the Metropolitan Intelligence Bureau (UK spy agency) is behind every jihadist terrorist attack in the UK.


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The word for Jew in Turkish Yahudi also means...

Jewology (also known as Jewish Studies) is a scholarly study of Jewish ideology, history, identity and group behaviour from the perspective of gentiles whom they dwell amongst. Such observations and documentations can be traced back as far as classical antiquity, with Cicero and Diodorus Siculus, right on down through the centuries to contemporary times. At present, the school is represented by a group of academic experts who have emerged in the West, during the Culture Wars in response to Jewish-initated Cultural Marxism—prominent scholars include Kevin B. MacDonald, E. Michael Jones and Michael A. Hoffman II. Dr. David Duke even received a PhD in Jewish Studies from the Ukrainian private university Interregional Academy of Personnel Management (MAUP).

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