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Jewish persecution complex

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A poster showing the hypocrisy of the Jewish persecution complex, alluding to the Red Holocaust.

The Jewish persecution complex is a group evolutionary strategy developed over centuries by the Jewish nation. It serves as a means of attaining a sympathetic historical account of their tribe, contrary to rival groups and to reap financial benefits on that basis.

When it has suited them, the Jews have claimed to have been "persecuted" unjustly, by just about every single nation they have ever dwelled amongst. The Persians, the Egyptians, the Romans, the Germans and so on. They have perfected the strategy to an art-form, to the extent that they can execute it through the use of a single word to try paralyzing rival groups; "Crusades", "Holocaust", "Inquisition", "Pogrom" are common examples of this trick.

For example, a Jew would come by this article and go, "Oy vey! This is so antisemitic. What have we Jews ever done to deserve this criticism?"


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