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Jewish lies

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Jew (caricature)

Since the media is widely controlled by Jews, there are stereotypical Jewish lies, which are often to be heard. We collected some of them, and verified their contents.


Jesus is a Jew
Jesus is not a Jew, he is the divine Son of God, and the Jews are at fault for the Romans crucifying him.
It is the Roman's fault that Jesus was murdered.
The blame is on the Jews for the murder of Jesus, they tried to kill him several times before the crucifixion and threatened the Roman governor Pilate with a rebellion if they would not crucify Jesus.
Jewish religion is the oldest monotheistic religion.
There were monotheistic religions before the Jews appeared, they only copied them.
Rabbinic Jewish religion is a religion like any other.
Rabbinic Jewish religion has not very much of a theological part at all, it concerns mainly with life on Earth, to scrounge. It does not have very much concern of general truth or love. As shown by the appearance of Jesus this "religion" is superfluous.
Christian religion was created from the Jewish one.
In the contents of Christian and Rabbinic Jewish religion there is little common. One is the religion of love and general truth, the other one is the religion of hate and lies.
the Jewish temple was located on "Mount Temple" in Al-Quds.
It was not. Jews have no claim to Mount Temple whatsoever. The Jewish temple was located approx. 500m away from the modern 'Mount Temple' as late 1960s excavations have irrefutably proven. Yet Jewry upholds the big lie so they feel free to destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque on Mount Temple.
Purim is the holiday of the escape of the Jews from the Persians.
Purim is the holiday, that remembers to the killing of 75 thousand guiltless Persians by Jews.
Jews never killed children, this allegation is "blood libel"
Jews themselves confessed having killed non-Jewish children especially at the time around the Jewish festivals called "Passover" and "Purim". The exact number of children ritually murdered by Jews is unknown, but the number may be in the millions.[1]
Jews are the exclusively chosen people of God.
According to the Old Testament, God had a covenant with the Israelites. Since the coming of Jesus Christ, the rights of that covenant now belong exclusively to the membership of the Christian Church, who are the chosen people of God.
Jews have a special, historical right to live in Palestine.
There is no evidence that modern Talmudic "Jews" are the biological descendents of the ancient Israelites. In fact geneticists agree that the Ashkenazis (the majority of contemporary Talmudists) are descended from the Turko-Mongol tribe known as the Khazars. The people, who have right to live in Palestine are the Palestinians, but not the Jews.
The French Revolution's perpetrators were French revolutionaries
The French Revolution broke out, because Jewish speculators hid grains, and Jews created so called "classes" in the society, that they instigated against each other. The atrocities of the revolution were due to Jewish background people. Robespierre and Danton were Jews.
Jews are revolutionary under capitalism, because they are suppressed and ruled out
Capitalism itself is an invention utilized by Jews. During capitalism Jews live typically much better than the people around them, but when they want to control everything, that leads to Bolshevism. During Bolshevism Jews had all worldly power and wealth, however the system itself is very destructive and parasitic and therefore incapable to survive.
Young Turks were Turks
The so called "Young Turks" were mostly Jews. They persecuted Armenians 1915-1923, and due to this about 1 million Armenians died.
Bolshevism and the Soviet Union were created by Russian revolutionaries.
Bolshevism and the Soviet Union were created and ruled almost solely by Jews. The mass murderer machinery, the Cheka, KGB and the Gulag was created and ruled by Jews.
Famine in Ukraine was due to bad weather at the beginning of the 1930s.
Famine in Ukraine happened, because Jewish cholchos organizators seized capital equipment, animals and grain of the peasants. During the famine Jewish chekists walked in the villages, searching food and killing people. Weather was neither worse nor better than in the years before and after the famine.
Possible lie: Stalin was a very bad goy.
Stalin was possibly a Jew. He did not specifically persecute Jews based on their race, he persecuted people who could compete with him, and these happened to be Jews. He was not better or worse than his predecessor Lenin, or his successors, for example Khrustshev.
Churchill and Roosevelt were positive figures of history.
War criminals Churchill and Roosevelt collaborated with the Jews and created the Second World War with unnecessary and unacceptable provocations, and are therefore responsible for the death of many millions of people. Their activities condemned half of Europe to communism. Their bombing campaigns in Germany and Japan led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians.
Economical crisis are normal parts of economical life.
Economical crisis is artificially created by Jews. This is especially true for the 1929 big bang.
Germany is a bad country, and they precipitated World War II.
Germany was extremely exploited by the Versailles treaties, and it was natural, that it wants get rid of this clogs. The second world war was precipitated by Poland and its inciter, Great Britain, and to a lesser extent France.
Hitler was a man of extremely bad character.
Hitler was described by contemporary people as a polite man of high morals. His reasonable anti-Jewish measures show, he was even handed and had a good sense of responsibility. Other politicians, like Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt are responsible for the second world war and the numerous victims of it. Great figures of history, like Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar or Napoleon also did not have a bad character.
Jews were systematically killed during the so called holocaust.
Jews were not systematically killed. They were collected in detention camps. Due the terror bombing of the so called allies at the end of the war there was food and disinfection shortage, and therefore there were epidemics in the camps, that caused a large death toll.
National socialists are bad people who consider non-Germans as lower races.
National socialists are correct, patriotic people, who believe, all nations should live peaceful in their own countries. They respect patriotism and race consciousness of other people. Rabbinic Judaists, as an opposite, hate all non Jews and want to enslave all of them.
National socialists committed very many sins.
National socialists provided a happy, prosperous Germany. The sins they were alleged to have committed was by their enemies.
National socialists committed greater sins than communists
National socialists did not commit very many sins, while Bolshevists murdered at least 200 million people, and enslaved a multiple of 200 millions. They destroyed economy and culture, ruined the souls of the people.
Soup was cooked from Jewish fat, lamp-shades from Jewish skin, Jews were systematically gassed in homicide gas chambers, Jews were tortured various ways in concentration camps, they were burned in dug pits.
All the above is harmonized lies of freed Jewish concentration camp inmates, there is absolutely no truth in these stories. In Auschwitz ground water level is 60 cm, therefore no burning in pits would have been possible. Allied terrorists presented after 1945 goat-skin lampshades and south American Indian heads from museums to "prove" these fairy tales.
Communists had a good purpose, just its realization was no good.
Communists had a very sinister purpose, the complete rule of Jews, they created a big prison of the country and overall misery, demolition and terror. The 'social' ideas were just camouflage.
Anne Frank wrote diaries about her suffering.
Anne Frank's diaries were written by her father and other grown ups after the war.
Raoul Wallenberg was a hero, who saved lots of Jews from persecution.
Raoul Wallenberg was a corrupt Jewish swindler, who handled with humans, he owned several kilo gold when the Soviets caught him.
General George S. Patton died in a car accident in 1945 after the war.
General Patton saw how incorrectly Jews behave, after 1945 in Germany, and mentioned that to his acquaintances, therefore Jewish terrorists in American military uniforms killed him in an organized "car accident", there was also several attempts on his life that failed to kill him.
Dwight D. Eisenhower was a righteous person.
Dwight D. Eisenhower was the biggest mass murderer of history, he let kill about two million surrendered German soldiers in camps on the Rhine river by absolutely no shelter from February on, by bad food supply, no medical care, bad hygienic supply and brutal treatment.
The Nuremberg tribunal was a correct, righteous procedure.
The Nuremberg tribunal was a terror tribunal. 75% of the personal were Jews. The accusations were laughable, the attests were lies and falsifications. The defendants were condemned according to laws, that did not exist, when they were active. The complete tribunal was a farce.
1945-1990 Eastern Europe was ruled by communists
1945-1990 Eastern Europe was ruled by Jewish terrorists, who got authority to rule in European countries from Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin during and immediately after the second world war.
Diversity is strength
Allowing and forcing miscegenation, allowing colored people to settle in White areas causes the death of the White race.
Israel has a right to exist.
Jews had a safe own country in a very Jew friendly environment in Birobidshan. There is no need at all to take Palestine from its righteous inhabitants. The terror state Israel has no right to exist.
Democracy is the best form of government.
Democracy in its present form has no right to exist. We need strong national governments and leaders, who care of the welfare of the own country and the rights of the majority.
Nationalistic movements are wrong
This is a hidden Jewish threat, saying: You have no right to raise your head. You know, how ruthless we eliminate all national governments.
There are very many good and bad Jews, as in other nations are also very many bad and good people.
Due to their tainted heredity and activities there are very few good Jews, as there are no good pedophile murderers. The words "Jewish" and "Good" are mutually exclusive.
Jews are disliked, because they are more talented and successful than their detractors.
Talented and successful people are not generally disliked. Jews tend to achieve their success using dishonest means, they concentrate to the exploitation and plunderage of their neighbours, to provide terroristic political systems, to trash culture and arts.
Antisemitism and immigration stops are inhuman and should be banned.
Antisemitism and immigration stop are natural answers against trashing of countries and for protecting them. They are the only way to save normal life and to provide a future for nations.
A state's important task is to protect minorities and to multiply their numbers.
A state's important task is to protect the majority and to reduce minority count and problems with minorities. Problematic minorities must be expulsed to provide normal state life.
Terrorism is a weapon of Arabs against peaceful Israel.
The first near-east terrorists were Jews, they murdered several hundred British soldier and civilian before establishing Israel (for example King David hotel). Later several Israeli presidents were known terrorists, they put terrorism onto state level, and provided the world largest ghetto in Ghaza. Arabic armoured self defence is not terrorism, just an answer to Israeli state terrorism.
Iraq built secretly atomic weapons, therefore were overrun by Americans.
Iraq did not build any kind of atomic or other secret weapons.
Afghanistan needs military support for its democracy
Afghanistan does not need foreign intervention. The reason for the existence of alien terrorists there is, that Afghanistan is the main country growing poppy, the raw material for heroin, which is a dangerous drug, and traditionally Jews get rich by selling heroin. Afghanistan wanted to decrease growing poppy, and earlier Soviet, now American Jews want to ensure, that they can keep their poisonous heroin business.
Iran is a danger for the world peace, and they support terrorism.
Iran is no danger for world peace, since they only develop atomic power for civil energy supply. Jewish saturated atomic control administration espionaged Iran atomic power plants and killed Persian scientists. On the opposite, terroristic Israel uses atomic power for its warmongering activities, and since it never signed atomic agreement, there is no control at all for their suspicious and dangerous activities.
Germany accepted, that it is guilty in killing millions of Jews during the Second World War, it's sense of guilt is an example for all other European countries.
Germany did not commit any crimes during the Second World War. It's vassal government plays an unworthy play against the German people.
Diversity is strength, Multi-cultural development is the only way for the future.
The opposite is true. For example Sweden was a rich, calm country in the 1970's years. Since then, masses of colored invaders made that country to a dangerous country full of unrest. Native Swedes ceased to reproduce themselves and the country is on the way to become a Third World country.
Jews do not commit mass murder on the European people by forcing reproduction of Gypsies and by helping colored invasion into Europe.
Jews do commit mass murder on the European people by forcing reproduction of Gypsies and by helping colored invasion into Europe. Their instrument for this mass murder is the Jewish ruled European Union, that is super liberal and invasion friendly, thus eliminating the European population on the long term.
For Gypsy and colored invaders' criminality only single persons are responsible.
For Gypsy and colored invaders' criminality those people are responsible, who encourage Gypsies to reproduce themselves and colored to invade Europe, and these people happen to be Jewish. By these "problems" they create for us they hope to hide their own criminality and their very different, for us damaging way of life.
Dead Sea Scrolls.org (controlled by Jews) claims that Dead Scrolls (mostly written in Hebrew) dates range from the third century bce (mid–Second Temple period) to the first century of the Common Era, before the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 CE (Source - http://www.deadseascrolls.org.il/learn-about-the-scrolls/introduction). But Dead Sea Scrolls Archaeologist Yigael Yadin points out that Aramaic was the language of Jews until Hebrew was revived by Pseudo Messiah Simon Bar Kokhba during Bar Kokhba revolt (132-135 AD) as part of his messianic ideology.[2]

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  1. On page 66 of Mullins' New History of the Jews (1968) (published in 2007 by THE INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF JEWISH STUDIES, 126 Madison Place, Staunton, Virginia 24401) it is stated that Father Bulger has estimated that the number of non-Jewish children that had been ritually murdered by Jews since the crucifixion of Christ is six million.
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