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Jewish inventions

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Jewish inventions vary from good to bad.

Inessential inventions

Positive inventions

  • Anarcho-capitalism by Murray Rothbard
  • BitTorrent--a protocol that made software and multimedia piracy very easy. BitTorrent has thus helped keep money out of the hands of rich Jews, but ironically a Jew, Bram Cohen, actually created this protocol. There's nothing like what a Jews has done that has pissed off other Jews more than what he did.
  • Discount Stores
  • Holography
  • Nuclear Chain Reactor
  • The Ballpoint Pen
  • The Holy Bible - small parts of this are copies of Sumerian legends, like the case of baby Moses, the deluge, etc.
  • The non-aggression principle by Ayn Rand
  • The Ready-to-Wear Clothing Industry
  • The Sit-Com
  • The term, The Holocaust Industry, by Norman Finkelstein
  • The Weekend (Shabbat)
  • Uzi submachine gun, created by the Israeli Zionist, Uziel Gal.

Negative inventions

Mixed inventions

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