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Jewish dissident

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Communism and Zionism both are from a malevolent otherwordly source. One theory is this. Others say it's the devil.

A Jewish dissident is a person of Jewish ancestry who opposes one or both of the two main aspects of Jewish supremacy-style globalism: Marxism and Zionism. Zionism, as explained later in the article, is not simply Jews having their own homeland (which can be anywhere in the world) but it's a globalist system where Jews control other Jews who then try to dominate the world.

It's not as uncommon as you might think. The term, Holocaust industry, actually came from the Jew, Norman Finkelstein. He's not the only Jew to oppose it.

Communism and Zionism were originally created by descendants of rabbis to control Jews

Communism and Zionism originally came about when religiousness in Europe was waning during its Enlightenment period several hundred years ago. Both Christianity and Judaism were waning and atheism was becoming more common. The priest class knew their jobs were in trouble. Many became the mainstream media, the new priestly class. Some gentiles joined pagan revival movements, but the rabbis couldn't do that. So the descendants of rabbis started Communism and Zionism. Karl Marx🟌, who corrupted the new movement socialism into Marxism, was a descendant from a long line of rabbis. He created The Religion of The State. Zionism was the other angle the priest class of Jews did. Jews are always playing both sides, such as right and left.[1]

Zionism was to get all Jews together in a small area so they would be easy to control both by force and by mass propaganda. Although today newspapers in Israel are more honest than the Western mainstream media, there's also public schools and the draft in Israel where boot camp breaks down personalities to turn them into psychopaths. There's lots of safe homelands for Jews. Stalin created Birobidjan in East Asia. Madagascar was once a proposal. Others have suggested they could buy a huge area of land in Brazil. But if Jews had a safe homeland, then they wouldn't need to be tribal. Zionists want the most unsafe homeland as possible and that is the land of Palestine. The Israeli government constantly does war crimes and genocide on the Palestinians and occasionally Muslims in other nations too. This ensures that there will always be Muslims hating Jews and Israel for a long time. So then the Zionist leaders tell the Jews, "They want to push you into the sea!" and so the Jews become extra tribal and start cheering on all the deaths of innocent Palestinian children, including sitting outside eating popcorn watching The Gaza Holocaust and Jewish women saying they had an orgasm when hearing the news that Palestinian children were murdered. This then breeds a lot of resistance to Jewish supremacism which makes Jews even more tribal.[1]

Since WWII, Zionist Jews controlled the masses of Jews through Holocaust Hysteria. Jews today fear another Shoah like the Old Norse feared the coming of Ragnarok. The Holocaust education narrative is that it's not authoritarian government but it's white people, including those who fought against Germany in WWII who are the threat. The official narrative never mentions the Red Holocaust that killed hundreds of millions of people which is simply the result of an overly powerful government. The official narrative also hides that all the Jewish deaths in concentration camps happened during WWII when the German government was able to boost its power over citizens due to war.

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