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Islamofascism (also Islamic fascism) is a political epithet invented in 1979 by Maxime Rodinson a Jew who belonged to the French Communist Party in his polemic against the Iranian Revolution. The term has currency amongst neocon war-mongers, Zionists and ethnocentric Jews. The term is meant to demonise both fascism and Mohammedanism as "enemies" to be attacked in a clash of civilisations. The term is related to the concept of "New Hitlers" pushed by sections of the controlled press; it is an expression of anxiety at Mohammedan independence in their own countries from Jewish finance and the so-called "Enlightenment" project.

See also

  • Holocaustianity – the operating principle from which the term is based
  • Clerical fascism – a similar propaganda phrase pertaining to Christianity
  • Islamophobia – a word also invented by Jews pretending to white-knight
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