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Homosexual privilege

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Bake the cake! It's of interest to note that homosexual activists don't try this on Muslim bakeries because Christians are very tame today whereas Muslims would violently retaliate.

Homosexual privilege refers to the privilege in a society one has for being homosexual. Ordinarily homosexuals do not have privileges and are often oppressed. But in a Cultural Marxist society, they have privileges and someone who criticizes them is sent to prison. Christians also must ignore their religious beliefs and bake wedding cake for homosexual marriage. This is the complete opposite in Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia where homosexuals are executed.

According to African American “national diversity expert” John Fitzgerald Gates, has found that black homosexual men have high privileges which hurts the black community. He said it creates “harmful microaggression against all black men.” Studies have found that employers hired black homosexual men over black straight men because the homosexual version was perceived as less threatening. A study by Princeton University researcher David S. Pedulla found that “gay black men received higher salary recommendations, on average, than both straight black men and gay white men.” Gates also found that employers would hire black homosexuals over black heterosexuals and white homosexuals because the combination of being both black and homosexual gives double the affirmative action points.[1][2]

Also Gay Men Earn 10 Percent More Than Straight Men! Gay privilege!


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