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Because six million (unbeatable argument)

Holocaustianity (aka. the Holocaust religion, Shoaism) is a religion that Zionists created. Before a large number of Jews perished under The Third Reich, most Christians didn't like Jews. Afterwards, Christian Zionism became a big thing. Even today, most conservative Christians are Zionists. Many are so Zionist they only care about Israel and not the white country that they live in, thus becoming cuckservatives. These Christians today revere the Jews as God's Chosen People, but they strangely won't convert to Judaism, or even Messianic Judaism. Messianic Judaism is basically a blend of Christianity and Judaism and Israel persecutes Jews with that religion, not letting them have the "right to return" to Israel just like the Israeli government does to all Jews that converted to Christianity. Jews with the Marxist-Atheist religion of the state, they gladly accept, but a very similar yet heretical offspring of Judaism is not allowed. Israel also bans marriage between Jews and Muslims/Christians.[1]

Similarities to medieval Christian Europe

Holocaustianity is similar to medieval Europe:

Holocaustianity got the governments of most white countries to lift the separation between church and state. If you disagree with the official narrative of WWII propaganda, then it is illegal! These same countries claim to allow free speech still. These countries also imprison people for "hate speech", "racism" and "antisemitism".

Holocaustianity is also similar to The Spanish Inquisition. After the Allies of WWII captured SS members, they tortured confessions out of them. Most of them they then murdered once they signed a confession.

In 1990, Jew Claude Lanzmann, producer of the film 'Shoah', said the sufferings of The Holocaust are greater than Jesus Christ endured:

"If Auschwitz is something else than a fright of the history if it avoids the 'banality of the bad person', the Christianity trembles in his basic parties. [...] If Auschwitz is true, there exists a human suffering which cannot be put on a level with that of Christ at all [...] in this case Christ is wrong, and the welfare will not come from him. Fanaticism of the suffering! If now Auschwitz is by far more extreme than the apocalypse, by far more fright-exciting than that what Johannes tells in the apocalypse (then the apocalypse is recordable and reminds even of a big spectacle similar to Hollywood, while Auschwitz is unpronounceable and unrepresentable), then the book of the apocalypse is wrong, and the Gospel likewise. Auschwitz is the disproof of Christ." [2]

The Jew Primo Levi said:

"If there is God, there cannot have been Auschwitz. But because Auschwitz existed, the existence of God is impossible"

Other similarities include:

Known Shoaists

The following listing of known Shoaists raises no claim to completeness:




The Suffering Sweepstakes: Talmudic Mentality in the History of World War II
Bishop Williamson - Holocaustianity - Truth....or Consequences

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