UK arrested Tommy Robinson for reporting child-rape gangs that the government caters to. The UK banned reporting of his arrest, denied him a lawyer, and is trying to have him assassinated in prison. Regardless of how you feel about his views, this is a totalitarian government.

Tommy Robinson isn't the first to that the UK has jailed after a secret trial. Melanie Shaw tried to expose child abuse in a Nottinghamshire kids home -- it wasn't foreigners doing the molesting, but many members of the UK's parliament. The government kidnapped her child and permanently took it away. Police from 3 forces have treated her like a terrorist and themselves broken the law. Police even constantly come by to rob her phone and money. She was tried in a case so secret the court staff had no knowledge of it. Her lawyer, like Tommy's, wasn't present. She has been held for over 2 years in Peterborough Prison. read, read


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Jude = jew = yahud = yid
Jews overpopulation statistics
Jews metap image.png
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Total population
13,155,000 ("official" version)[1]
Regions with significant populations
 Israel 5,393,000[1] – 5,634,300[2]
 United States 5,275,000[1] – 6,444,000[3]
 France 490,000[1]
 Canada 374,000[1]
 United Kingdom 295,000[1]
 Russia 225,000[1]
 Argentina 184,000[1]
 Germany 120,000[1]
 Australia 104,000[1]
 Brazil 96,000[1]
 Ukraine 77,000[1]
 South Africa 72,000[1]
 Hungary 49,000[1]
 Mexico 40,000[1]
 Belgium 31,200[4]
 Netherlands 30,000[4]
 Italy 28,600[4]
 Chile 20,700[4]
 Belarus 18,200[4]
 Uruguay 18,000[4]
  Switzerland 17,900[4]
 Turkey 17,800[4]
 Venezuela 15,400[4]
 Sweden 15,000[4]
 Spain 12,000[4]
 Iran 10,800[4]
 Romania 10,100[4]
 Latvia 9,800[4]
 Austria 9,000[4]
 New Zealand 6,900[5]
 Azerbaijan 6,800[4]
 Denmark 6,400[4]
 Panama 5,000[4]
Talmudism, Atheism, Karaism, Satanism

The Jews (Yiddish: Yid, Hebrew: Yehudi, German: Jude, Arab: yahud) are an unpopular micro-race, or ethnic group, that is primarily Hebrew by race. Jews are generally associated with Judaism, but also with economic corruption, manipulation, shame and most of all with nepotism. They are known as "ethno-religious", but this is just to hide the true facts of who they are.

Many people across the globe have found Jews to be: disloyal, greedy, truculent, selfish, cunning, dishonest, cocky, deceitful, envious, vindictive, ungrateful, cowardly, big-mouthed, ugly, pompous, perverted, thievish, murderous, sadistic and to have many more negative traits.

Jew self perception

The organ of the Zionist youth organization, Hashomer Hatzair in 1936 printed (i.e. republished) a candid characterization of the jew which originally was written in 1917:

Contemporary perception in Germany corroborated this verdict.


Jews are among the most strongly liberal, Democratic groups in U.S. politics. There are more than twice as many self-identified Jewish liberals as conservatives, while among the general public, this balance is nearly reversed. In addition, about seven-in-ten Jews identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party. Jews are more supportive of President Barack Obama than are most other religious groups. And about eight-in-ten Jews say homosexuality should be accepted by society.

Partisanship and Ideology

U.S. Jews are a largely Democratic, politically liberal group. Overall, seven-in-ten Jews (including 68% of Jews by religion and 78% of Jews of no religion) identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party, while just 22% identify with or lean toward the Republican Party. And roughly half of U.S. Jews describe themselves as political liberals (49%), including 44% of Jews by religion and two-thirds of Jews of no religion (67%). By comparison, the general public is much more evenly divided between the two parties (49% identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party, while 39% identify with or lean toward the GOP) and is much less politically liberal.

In Pew Research surveys conducted since 2000, the partisanship of Jews by religion has shown some variability, but they have always identified with the Democratic Party over the GOP by large margins. Roughly two-thirds of Jews by religion have identified as Democrats or Democratic-leaners over the past decade, and there has never been a year in which support for the Democratic Party has dipped below 62%.

Jews by religion are more than twice as likely as members of most other religious traditions to describe themselves as politically liberal. And black Protestants are the only religious group with a larger share than Jews by religion that identifies with or leans toward the Democratic Party. For their part, Jews of no religion are even more politically liberal and Democratic-leaning than is the overall religiously unaffiliated population, which itself is among the most strongly liberal and Democratic groups in the population.

But while Jews overall are a strongly liberal, Democratic group, there are pockets of conservatism and Republicanism within the Jewish population. Orthodox Jews identify with or lean toward the Republican Party over the Democratic Party by a 57% to 36% margin. And 54% of Orthodox Jews, including 64% of Ultra-Orthodox Jews, consider themselves politically conservative. On these measures (partisanship and ideology), the only other U.S. religious groups that are as conservative and Republican as Orthodox Jews are white evangelical Protestants and Mormons.

Upwards of eight-in-ten Jews (83%) say that they are absolutely certain they are registered to vote at their current address. This exceeds the share of the general public that says they are registered to vote.


Jewish American's Social and Political Views


They are ethnically divided into the Ashkenazim, Sephardim and Mizrahim. The vast majority of self-proclaimed Jews in the world today are Ashkenazis, who descend primarily from a Turko-Mongol tribe known as the Khazars who miscegenated with the Jews and joined the Talmudic cult in the Middle Ages. The other groups mostly descend from Mediterranean and Near Eastern populances; including semitic stock from the Edomites and other Mediterranean converts. A small group of Ethiopians claim to be Jews, but the ethno-chauvinist Rabbinic establishment regard them as racial-aliens and face discrimination within Israel, and the country's government has admitted to secretly sterilizing this population.[6][7][8] Although estimates vary, most claim there are over 13 million Jews in the world today. Of these, the vast majority live in Israel (5 million) and the United States (6.5 million).[9]

Among nations

The modus operandi of Jews among non-Jewish nations is always the same:

Loop begin
Infiltration, typically strictly deny any Jewish existence and their own Jewishness
Coming unpleasantly in sight due to usury, child murder, bad-mouthing about country and folk, culture distortion, creating artificial conflicts like "class-conflict" or "feminism", moving aliens into the country by "tolerance", etc...
Create revolutions, terror systems, "Bolshevism", mass murderer, mass rubbing-out, "inflation", etc...
Get rolled back, confined or expelled
Cry loudly because of "persecution", whine, blackmail using international "justice"
End of loop
These are the Jews' celebrations (Jewish holidays).

Each Jewish holiday (and there are many) remembers a possibly different event somewhere in the above loop.

Throughout history, while operating among non-Jewish nations, Jews generally attempt to dominate the bourgeiouse sector of society as middlemen, speculators, bureaucrats, intellectuals, money-lenders, lawyers, physicians, merchants, teachers, entertainers and slave traders. Over the years they have adopted a supremacist attitude based upon the chosenness of their religion and their perceived exceptional intelligence. Many Jews, both religious and secular, see themselves above the rest of humanity which has often led to hostile responses from host populations and expulsion from many countries. Conversely, when governments attempt to supress their activity internally, they have created vengeful movements capabale of blood-curdling cruelty such as the Zealots, Bolshevists and Zionists.

The book The Jewish Utopia by Higger shows what they want to achieve by their modus operandi:

  • The Jewish utopia is if everyone "spontaneously" follows the Jewish way of life. In reality, however, this process is far from spontaneous and it is in general abnormal to wish that everyone follows one way of life[10].
  • They will not tolerate anyone they consider "unrighteous"[11].
  • Because of their assumed superiority they will feel justified to annihiltate those who they consider "wicked"[12].
  • After having stolen the land in "Zion" (i.e. Palestine), they will consider themselves to be divine and godly people[13].
  • Their utopia is to be the rulers of the world, because they consider themselves to be "ideal righteous people". The last stage of their plan is that the the whole world is ruled by the "divine" Jews[14].


Fanatical Slavo-Khazarian hybrid in Jerusalem protests decision to open a municipal parking lot on the Sabbath.

The core Jewish mythology which holds together participants of the sect, is that the people who present themselves to us as "Jews" are lineal descendents of the ancient Israelites, present in Judea province at the time of the Roman Empire; namely the tribes of Judah, Levi, Benjamin and Simeon (the rest having been deported to Assyria at a much earlier date). They claim that they are a pure and holy "chosen people", with superior souls to the rest of humanity and the rest of us merely exist to serve them as slaves. The origins of the Jewish idea as we know the problem today has been heavily contested; critics of the Abrahamic traditions assert that the evil was to be found during the times of the Old Testament, while Christians typically assert that their corruption derives from the traditions the Israelites picked up while exiled in Babylon from 586 BC. Despite their "chosen people" fantasy, the idea of unbroken racial continuity has been heavily deconstructed by historians, archeologists and scientists.

There have been many instances of non-Judaic peoples "converting" to that sect (whether Old Testament or Talmudic form) and merging in with their people. In ancient times, for instance, the Edomites, a non-Israelite semitic people were assimilated into the tribe; the Herodian dynasty were of this people. From this time until the early Medieval period there are other examples. The Himyarites in Yemen, the Adiabene in Kurdistan, as well as some Berbers in North Africa (who were involved in assisting the Mohammedan conquest of Visigoth Hispania) whose blood flows through the veins of the Sephardim and the Mizrahim were converts. The most famous example of all, however, is the instance of the Khazars, this Turko-Mongol people converted in the 9th century and provide a significant body of the Central & Eastern European Yiddish-speaking population of Jews, known as the Ashkenazim. The latter group are the largest self-identifying "Jewish" group in the world today. The latter also include some Germanic and Slavic blood. As a result, some people regard the Jewish idea as a caste system, or a crime syndicate masquerading as a religion, similar to a mafia, with various bandits and other elements having joined the enterprise throughout history. Adolf Hitler for instance, an opponent of their system, described them as an "international guild of criminals."[15]



Presenting the history of the Jews is a contentious process. For two thousand years, Christianity has been prominent in the West and the ancient Israelites are presented by it in a somewhat positive light (particularly their sages and kings). For instance the Hebrew Bible teaches people to sympathise with the Hebrews over the ancient Egyptians, the same with the Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians and other nations. Many people also question if there is any racial continuity between the Israelites and what we know today as "Jews" (the people who follow the Talmud and emerged after the conflict with the Romans in 70 AD) thus muddying the water of an exact starting point. Part of the problem historically getting to the roots of this, as shown above is theological, after Gnostic Marcionism was condemned by the early Christian Church as a heresy, throwing the Old Testament out of the window completely as the practices of an evil people, before the coming of the "light of Christ" was ruled out. For the sake of completeness and objectively, both secular and religious accounts will be mentioned in the following historical survey.

Pharaoh Ahmose I expelling the foreign invader Hyksos semites out from Egypt.

According to the Old Testament, Abraham, the Hebrew forefather of the Israelites, came to the Levant from Mesopotamia. The historical record shows[16] a group of nomadic outlaws known as the Habiru making this exact journey from roughly 1800 BC; this group of people were ruthless, had no conscience and were willing to fight and plunder on any side in the conflicts, according to the native Canaanites. Around this same time there was a nomadic tribe of people known as the Shasu, who are possibly associated with the earliest mention of the word Yahweh in the form of "Yhw" (found some 500 years before the inscription on the Moabite Stone). Some of these people from the Levant gradually infiltrated Egypt by 1720 BC and under the name of the Hyksos eventually took over the ancient superpower, providing the kings of the 15th dynasty during the Egyptian Second Intermediate period. According to the historian Josephus this is a parallel of the Biblical story of Jacob's sons in Egypt (including Joseph who was said to have come to power).[17]

At this time, the Hyksos preferred an evil god named Set, generally regarded as synonymous with the storm god Baal in the Levant.[18][19] To bring down Egypt, the proto-Jews used a tactic which has proven useful to them to this very day; manipulating Black Africans.[20] They encouraged the warlike Nubians to attack from the South, while they themselves occupied the North. The true Egyptians were terribly oppressed under this multiracial dystopia, until a great leader, Ahmose I arose, conquered the Hyksos in Avaris (known in the Bible as the land of Goshen) and expelled them back into the Levant in 1550 BC.[21] This story is connected to the Book of Exodus, although modern scholars regard the Pentateuch itself as being authored in the 7th century BC and "Moses" was likely a composite character (partly an appropriation of Akhenaten's story), some pertinent information is mentioned. They cry and pretend that they were "enslaved" and openly admit to killing the first born male child of the Egyptians (an early instance of ritual murder) before leaving, a crime which they try to attribute to their "God" and celebrate to this day as Passover.[20][22]

Middle Ages


Jews "toilet" at camp Buchenwald during the 1940s

Jews even during the 20th century often lagged far behind in civilization. While Romans in 1 BC used water toilets already, jews often defecated to the ground, as seen in a 1940s contemporary photo. Other archaic Jewish mores are circumcision and the exceptionally cruel kosher slaughter. Jews usually are outstandingly adamant in sticking to their pre-modern mores, claiming that Jewish mores are better than anybody else's.

Jewish population

Main articles: Jewish population

For example in Hungary between 1783 and 1910 Jews increased each year by 2%, that corresponds to a population increase by 11. The Hungarian people increased only yearly by 1-5%, therefore Jews population increase was above the local population increase. Even today has Hungary a sad record: Jewish population in percent is 0.5%, which is the third highest on Earth after Israel and the USA. Considering the enormous Jewish financial and cultural influence it is impossible, that the "14 million" number is correct. It is very likely, that Jews operate with factors 5..30 to decept others about their number (they show 5 to 30 times less persons than they exist in reality. If we assume a factor 10, then their correct count is today around 140 million World wide, therefore the official numbers are to be considered as strategical misinformation. It is interesting to look at the Georgia Guidestones which is very likely set by Jews.

The above "official" numbers simply forget to mention at least 25.000 Jews living in Morocco, show less than the half of the at least 25.000 Jews living in Iran, show less than one third of the 325.000 Jews living in Germany, less than one fifth of the 400.000 Jews living in Hungary, less than one third of the at least 18 million Jews living in the USA, and so on. [23] [24][25]

The Jews allege, they have suffered a long history of persecution in many different lands, and their population and distribution per region has fluctuated throughout the centuries. Today, most authorities place the number of Jews between 12 and 14 million, the largest number of whom live in the United States (40.5% in 2002) and Israel (34.4% in 2002), with the remainder distributed in communities of varying sizes in almost every country. The total world Jewish population, however, is difficult to measure and is subject to the controversy of secular, halakhic or other parameters of defining who is a Jew. There exists also a large number of crypto-Jews, who behave and act as Jews, however, they deny being Jews, and they nominally belong typically to some christian religions or are “atheists”, like most communistic leaders.

Some people, like the mass murderer Breivik believes, that there are 14 millions Jews world-wide: There is no Jewish problem in Western Europe (with the exception of the UK and France) as we only have 1 million in Western Europe, whereas 800 000 out of these 1 million live in France and the UK. The US on the other hand, with more than 6 million Jews (600% more than Europe) actually has a considerable Jewish problem.. From page 1112 of his manifesto. So he clearly ignores the possibility that the actual number of Jews might be much higher than the "official" number. His numbers of Jews in France+England and in the US simply repeat the "official" numbers (see the table in the article).

Jewish language

Jews speak Hebrew, Yiddish as readily identifiable Jewish languages. They are good at distorting other, non-Jewish, languages as a tool to brow-beat the non-Jewish host population, see Jewspeak.

If one believes Jewish propaganda, Hebrew would be one of the great languages of all time, much of the world's great literature would have been written in it, and Hebrew would have been used to express the most noble sentiments[26].

In reality, however, Hebrew is a very limited language with only approximately 500 basic words[26]. It is not really a language, but a composite of other Near Eastern tongues. Hebrew was simply the Yiddish[27] of the ancient world, a polyglot jargon which the Jews used in their underworld activities[26].


Orthodox Jews in Eastern Europe

Those who interchange the words “Jew” and Israelite, call Abraham a Jew, though Abraham was not an Israelite or a Jew. The word “Jew” is not used in the Bible until nearly 1,000 years after Abraham. Abraham was a Semite (that is a descendant of Shem), and he was also a Hebrew (a descendant of Eber or Heber). But to say that he was a Judahite is to say that he descended from his own great-grandson! Which is impossible! One of Jacob’s (Israel’s) children was Judah (Hebrew “Yehudah”). His descendants were called Yehudim (“Judahites”). In Ancient Greek the name is ???????? Ioudaioi (“Judeans”). Most all Bible translations use the word “Jew”, which is a modern, shortened form of the word “Judahite”. A “Jew” in the Old Testament would be a “Judahite”; and a “Jew” in the New Testament would be a “Judean.”

The Bible uses the term “Jew” or Judahite in three distinct ways:

1) One who is of the tribe of Judah in a racial sense;

2) One who is a citizen of the southern nation of Judah, including the Tribes of Benjamin and most of the Tribe of Levi; it will even include Canaanites and Edomites who are citizens of Judah; and,

3) One who is a follower of the religion of Judah as given by Moses and the prophets. (This usage is found in Esther 8:17 and Romans 2:28, 29).

  • Judaism refers mainly to Jewish religion – but this must not be translated into other languages; the translation of Richard Wagner’s book Das Judentum in der Musik to Judaism in Music is wrong, as the German word Judentum meant Jewry, although it can mean Judaism.
  • Zionism is a word which refers to a movement internal to the Jews whose aim is the return of the Jews to Israel. Neturei Karta is a Jewish religious group which opposes Zionism.

Physical traits of the Jewish race

Jews are so inbred that they only have like four face types total.[28]

Chief behavior traits

One chief behavior trait of Jews is mimicry. It can be compared to the organism from the Species film series. Jews gain trust and make people like them by mimicking those around them. People then are tricked into thinking The Jew is much like them. The Jew infiltrates this way and backstabs.[29]

Jews also are incapable of learning why they have been kicked out of countries and how to change their behavior so this stops happening.[30]

Notable Romans denounced the Jews, including Seneca (“an accursed race”), Quintilian (“a race which is a curse to others”), and Tacitus (a “disease,” a “pernicious superstition,” and “the basest of peoples”).[31] Prominent German historian Theodor Mommsen also confirmed that the Jews of Rome were working to destroy society just like they always have; he wrote, “Also in the ancient world, Judaism was an effective ferment of cosmopolitanism and of national decomposition.”[32]

Jewish behavior when on vacation

Some quotes from a news story:

The [Jewish] visitors [from Israel to the Ukraine] were drunk and they thought it was a good idea to shoot from the window of their hotel room with a BB gun at passers-by.

White people, when traveling abroad, tend to display their best behavior. On one hand, they want to be respectable representatives of their nations, and pride will make them act more honorably than normal. Also, they understand that as foreigners, they have to earn the good graces of the host nation and it’s people.

Jews have a different approach.

They shoot natives with pellet guns.

When the townsfolk got upset 20 Jews came out and defended the two criminal jews because Jews stick up for their own no matter what.[33]


From their own mouths

Resistance to their aims


Fraudulant Jewish Genome Myth BUSTED!
Jewish communist leaders.flv
The Talmud's Death Wish
The Truth IS anti-Semitic

See also


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