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Hate speech

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Thought police stop crimethink.

Hate speech is a form of free speech that people in power hate. "Hate speech" laws originated in the former Soviet Union where they were called counter-revolutionary. They're the same thing.[1] It is an Orwellian term that Cultural Marxist and government agencies use to redefine political speech they oppose. Outlawing "hate speech" is a form of political censorship. For "hate crime" laws, Josef Stalin invented them.[2]


After the initial creation in the USSR in pre-Stalin times, laws against hate speech came to NATO countries. One of the first pushes was the ABA Journal with Steve France's "Hate Goes to College" issue. In time it, critical race theory Communists began to popularize it in the 1990s with their control of universities, schools, and mass media. The controlled mainstream media uses words like "hate" as verbal abuse to keep a population fear of those they have deemed to be a threat to the existing order.

The charge of "hate speech" is almost always directed toward spokespersons who express criticism of organized anti-white racial hatred or Israel. Typically the phrase "hate speech" is a synonym for truth that Zionist jewish mafia groups such as the ADL of B'nai B'rith and the Southern Poverty Law Center describe a statement as such, it is almost certain that somebody has been caught speaking the truth.

The Cultural Marxist community always celebrates whenever a new hate speech law is made in a white country.[3] They typically cast pro-white speech as "hate speech". Meanwhile, actually hate speech calling for genocide of white people is hardly punished in white countries and it's often rewarded.[4]

In Canada in the 1980s, people were making statements critical of Jews. They did no criminal acts; they simply did not like Jews. So Jews being the people who control the government of white countries, got "hate speech" laws enacted. In the 2010s, Muslims tried to use these laws against Jews who criticized them. While the Canadian legal system had punished the white critics of Jews with long prison sentences, the Jews who criticized Muslims were acquitted by the courts.[5]

Similarly in the UK Jews had been pushing for a "group libel" law with the intention of criminalising any criticism of Jewish behavior. After being repeatedly rejected by parliament, Leon Brittan and Malcolm Rifkind managed to introduce an "incitement to racial hatred" clause into the Public Order Act 1986.[6]

Further details

In January 2015, The National Fraternal Order of Police (US-based organization) pushed for anti-police statements to be considered "hate speech".[7]

Tanya Cohen, a fake human rights activist, says people who practice free speech and criticize privileged groups, should receive life in prison for hate speech. Tanya Cohen just happens to be Jewish, too, how surprising is that?[8]

The government in England has imprisoned white men for referring to black men as black.[9] A 15-year-old boy in Salisbury, England tweeted an insult about a black soccer player and the police arrested him for it.[10]

Social justice warriors consider Donald Trump's “Make America Great Again” hat to be "hate speech" and one has even robbed it off another person's head..[11]

October 2016, Evalion returned to Canada with her boyfriend. Canadian airport security forcibly robbed her diary and laptop. Three middle-aged men spent three hours reading through her diary. They then refused to give it or her laptop back by saying it contained "hate speech". Canada also said her laptop contained banned books.[12][13]


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