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Hate crime

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A gang of blacks cut a white man's penis off and burnt him alive. They made his girlfriend watch and then they slowly butchered her body. Hidden by the mainstream media.
This is one of the earliest hate crimes. In the 1992 Los Angeles riots, nonwhites pulled Reginald Denny, an innocent man, his truck and beaten nearly to death purely because he was white.
Before and after being a hate crime victim
William Murphy was attacked by a black mob who wanted to attack an innocent white person. He said, “It was not a robbery attempt. They just wanted to stomp somebody.” He was stamped and kicked about so badly that he now has a boot print permanently stamped on his face. He was forced to crawl into oncoming traffic to escape the blacks kicking him in the head.

Hate crimes are crimes based on ethnicity, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. Hate crimes were designed specially to protect politically protected segments of the population--nonwhites (jews especially) and sexual deviants--and the police almost never charges anyone for a hate crime unless it's white-on-nonwhite, gentile-on-jew, or heterosexual-on-queer, or Christian-on-Muslim.

Opposition to jews

The crimes may often be motivated by love of one's people and active opposition/resistance to their demographic genocide, which the opposite of "hate". Hate crime laws defy the "all men are created equal" in the Declaration of Independence by having white people at the lowest tier where if they attack or insult a nonwhite it's usually prosecuted as a hate crime, but anything done to a white person is not.[1] Nonwhites attacking other nonwhites is fine. Above even the nonwhites are the jews and no one except another jew is allowed to attack or insult another jew. Jews doing swastika vandalism for instance get away with it, but a gentile doing it would get a large fine and years in prison.

Hate crime hoaxes are extremely common and profitable. For example, hateful notes were left on student's doors of Vassar College against blacks, women, and transsexuals. The entire school held a gigantic rally, held hands, sang, and raised over $100,000.[2] It turns out the hateful notes were a hoax left by the organization, Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT), that held the rally and received the $100,000.[3][4][5][6] The person who left the notes was the same student who reported them to the college and then the same student who led the investigation into the notes, Genesis Hernandez, who is transgender.[7] Anti-white racial hatred also stirs up white guilt by hoaxing anncient hate crimes such as the smallpox blankets hoax.

The majority of violent attacks from one race to another are done by africans, mestizos, and south to south west asians against whites, as seen in Race and crime. Based on population percentages, it is a massive holocaust of racial violence against white people.


Hate crime is another name for what George Orwell called a thoughtcrime. The first hate crime laws came from early in the Soviet Empire. Lenin and Stalin instituted hate crime laws to outlaw any antisemitic speech or writings, which were punishable by death.[8]

In the United States hate crime laws have been enforced since the mid-1980s.[9] They are also common throughout other white countries such as Australia, New Zealand, and throughout Europe.

In the USA and UK, nonwhites can physically attack white people for saying racial slurs and get away with it.[10]

Many times hate crimes against whites by nonwhites also include robbery. The news media and law enforcement then claim it was just a robbery and not a hate crime. Though the targeting of the victim for the robbery was a hate crime. For instance Mohammad K. (aged 21) robbed people because "I thought you were German." He told this to a judge and then was given probation for this hate crime even with a long history of doing this in Germany since he was 11.[11][12][13][14]

In 21st century Australia, Muslims are allowed to destroy Christian graves out of hatred of Christians without ever receiving any hate crime charges.[15]

Racial bias

White middle school counselor, Julie Dombo, had her hands and feet amputated after black, James Michael Phillips, shoot her.
So where's the national media?
Where is the liberal media when a white person is murdered in a hate crime?
A migrant in the United Cuckdom did an acid attack on 5 native British children purely as a hate crime in 2016.[16]

One example of racial bias is in The Knockout Game. There are many others as well. Negroes are typically allowed to go in gangs attacking white people while the police arrest no blacks.[17]

When a non-white mestizo George Zimmerman (with a black great grandfather[18]) shoots a negro Trayvon Martin for beating him up, the Zionist media photoshops him to look European and edits his 911 call to make him sound racist. The result is negro gangs go around looting and attacking white people, not mestizos, just white. Despite all the violence as a result of the Zimmerman acquittal, black-on-white hate crimes happen constantly and quite often the blacks are found "not guilty". For example Ladarius Frazier shot two white men in a hate crime, killing one of them. He was acquitted. No race riots happened or even protests.[19]

"White privilege" means being brutally murdered and then forgotten. It's what is called “being White in America.” People simply do not care if you die, because your life does not have value when compared with the lives of Brown people.[20]

In 2012, Alton L. Hayes III along with another negro in Chicago brutally beat a 19-year-old white male nearly to death while shouting racial slurs. Alton even admitted to the police it was because he mad over the Trayvon and Zimmerman issue and targetted an innocent person purely because he was white. The corrupt judicial system never filed hate crime charges against him.[21]

When dark skinned people murder white people specifically as a racial attack the media and government do nothing and ignore the race issue. When it is blantly obvious there is a hate crime such as when James Edwards and Chancey Luna uses Twitter to say "90% of white ppl are nasty. #HATE THEM", write online about attacking white people while using racial slurs for them, and then organize online in writing plans to murder white people, followed by of course murdering one of them, Chris Lane, the government and media say there is no racial motive in the crime.[22][23]

Often mobs of negros attack white people while yelling racial slurs. The attacks are not punished as hate crimes, but as regular attacks.[24][25]

White people are also dissuaded from reporting interracial attacks against them.[26]

December 2013, ultra-orthrodox jews beat up a gay black man while shouting anti-homosexual slurs. The victim had committed no crimes and tried to run away. He was permanently blinded by the attack. No hate crime charges were ever filed.[27]

Derald Wing Sue, a bestselling author and psychology professor at Columbia University, helped popularize the term "microaggression" which is any time a white male fails to suck up enough to a woman, another race, or a pervert, it is called a "microaggression" and a hate crime. Of course this "microaggression" does not apply to anything said toward white males.[28][29]

In 2014, 15-year-old Caucasian Wyatt Davis was brutally beaten by a gang of blacks in his locker room purely because of the color of his skin. Afterward blacks were jealous they didn't participate and a second incident happen where 20 blacks beat him again and even videotaped it. Wyatt did not even fight back. The school did not punish the people responsible and instead punished Wyatt, the victim.[30][31] The news media then hid the incident, with only one mention in a local Jacksonville newspaper and nothing else.[32]

A student at University of Mississippi put a noose around the statue of James Meredith, the first negro to attend the university. He didn't even harm the statue. This sort of act should be protected by the First Amendment, however in March 2015, a federal grand jury indicted him and he is sentenced to eleven years in prison. This is far more than rape. When blacks and mestizo gangs have beaten white people so badly they are brain damaged and paralyzed, they get far less sentences than this. This is like during the Soviet Union where if you put a noose around the statue of Lenin or Marx, you would go to Siberia and do hard labor. Certain people are glorifed by the US government and speaking out against them is illegal.[33][34]

June 2015, a couple days before the media sensation Dylann Storm Roof (that will be in the top headlines are decades), thirty blacks brutally butchered an entire innocent white family on a park bench in Florence, Alabama. They did this purely because the victims were white and the blacks yelled racial slurs while butchering them.[35] The biased mainstream news media hid the races of the attackers, refused to even hint at what racial slurs they said, and denied it was a hate crime.[36] Only one mainstream outlet even dared putting a photo of the arrest suspect out, which was black.[37] The police despite being well aware of the fact that it was a hate crime, not only refused to classify it as such, they never recorded the fact that the attackers used racial slurs in the first place even though all the officers are aware the attackers used racial slurs against their white victims. "At this time it's not believed to be a hate crime," said Investigator Shannon Harris. The police classified it as "misdemeanor assault" and were not interested in catching the culprits.[38]

In Mobile, Alabama, four black teens pulled up beside a young white woman in her car at a red light and shot her in the face as a pure hate crime. They never stole any money or belongings.[39]

July 2015, a black man walked into a hotel lobby, pulled out a gun, shot a white woman at the counter that he had never met before and then ran out. He didn’t even steal anything. It is an obvious hate crime, but the Charlotte, NC, police deny it's a hate crime and call it gang violence. The same shooter had robbed another hotel just 40 minutes earlier. He pulled his gun, robbed the clerk and then said “have a safe one” and never shot anyone.[40]

Blacks like to throw acid in the faces of white people for being white. While not as frequent as The Knockout Game, it happens from time to time.[41]

Blacks vs Jews

Mobs of black people shouting racial slurs can beat white people into comas, plus blacks can stab and shoot white people and then admit to the police they did it “because the person is white”, and not only never face hate crime charges but racism is never even considered in the charges. Yet in New York City, an 11-year-old black child can set an empty school bus on fire and because the bus is used by a Jewish school (a Yeshiva) the child is charged with a hate crime.[42] The bus had no Jewish markings and did not belong to a Yeshiva, but by a private corporation (BSD Trans Corp. owned by Leon Yavich) and simply was used at the time by a Yeshiva. Leon Yavich said he doubted it was an actual hate crime for those reasons.[43]

In comparison for the same area: in Brooklyn, New York, Taj Patterson, a 25-year-old black man, was walking along when a gang of men attacked him, while he claims shouting homophobic slurs. He was left permanently blind in one eye after the attack, but within 24 hours, the police had classified the horrible crime as a misdemeanor and closed the case with no arrests.[44]


In Sundsvall, Sweden on November 2014, a Somali immigrant brutally raped a 12-year-old blue-eyed, blonde-haired girl, Ida. The rapist, named Muhamed, had told the girl that he had snuck naked photos of her and that would give them back if she followed him to his apartment. In court he tried to claim the two had a "love affair" and didn't realize the extremely tiny girl was underage, but it was very obvious what happened and he was lying. June 2015, a court found him guilty of child rape but only sentenced him to a meagre 180 hours of community service. No jail time. He also kept repeating the words “black dick is expensive” over and over while raping the small child. Afterward, Ida bled profusely from her genitalia and she suffered permanent physical and psychological injuries. The city’s social services refused to even file a police report. A police report was not filed until April 2014, which substantially delayed the police investigation.[45][46]

Sweden and Norway rarely ever punish nonwhite immigrant rapists in their country and when they do it is the sort of punishment a minor gets for vandalism or shoplifting. In the brutal gang rape of a 15-year-old-girl in Sweden by nonwhite immigrants, the rapists got community service. When a 12-year-old-girl was brutally gangraped in Norway in 2013 by nonwhite immigrants, the rapists also got community service as punishment.[47][48][49]

Murder of homosexuals in Sweden

Migrants who murder white Swedes for just being homosexual get very light murder sentences, such as only four years in prison.[50]


Nanna Skovmand--hate crime victim

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.
--Hamlet (1.4), Marcellus to Horatio

On Christmas Eve, 2014, three African illegal aliens in Denmark brutally beat, kicked, and whipped a blonde woman, Nanna Skovmand, in the face using chains from mopeds because she was white and had blonde hair. They did the same to her boyfriend, Mads Schøllhammer, because he was white to a lesser extent but then they attacked her after she pleaded for them to stop their hate crime.[51] This was an obvious hate crime but the police did not even prosecute it as one; instead anyone who spoke out against the hate crime was called a "racist".[52] She is permanently disfigured. Her jaw no longer works, she is missing teeth, now has to eat pureed food from a straw and is permanently disfigured. The damage to her face is comparible to Mason Verger, a man to whom Hannibal Lecter cut up his face and let him live. All three had previous convictions[53] and during court the three laughed. The trial concluded in June 2015. The three attackers received only two months prison time and no deportation.[54][55] If someone had done that to a dog, they would've received over ten years prison time.[56][57]

White on nonwhite hate crimes?

As Ann Coulter said about news media claims of white-on-nonwhite hate crimes, "I think it's possible that a man bit a dog yesterday, but if I keep hearing about man biting dog stories, I want to see one real one."[58]
Late July 2015, after Jessica Byrnes-Laird's boyfriend was able to escape their attack, they threw a brass pipe through the passenger’s window. It flew across the front of Jessica's face and damaged 12 of her front teeth, knocking teeth out. Half of her top lip was ripped from her face and her lower lip endured a deep gash.

Fake hate crimes claiming to be whites against another race are extremely common.[59] Even when exposed, leftists just make excuses for them, saying they are “Well Intentioned” and “Positive” hoaxes.[60]

Negro Olander D. Cuthrell, minister of music at Good Shepherd Baptist Church in Virginia, poured oil and gasoline on the porch of his house and on his car in March 2013 and set them ablaze. He next painted "nigger" on two sides of his house. After his son put out the fire, he told police white people did it. Police later discovered that Cuthrell was behind it.[61][62] He received two years in prison.[63]

In 2010, two Muslims in England reported a bus driver because they said he banned them from the bus for wearing Muslim clothes. CCTV proved that they were in fact banned for being a nuisance to other passengers and the driver.[64]

In 2012, an Iraqi in California killed his wife in an honour killing and planted a fake note saying "go back to your country".[65]

In 2012, Sharmeka Moffitt, aged 20 from Louisiana, told police that she was set on fire by three men and that her car had letters “KKK” and the N-word had been scrawled across the hood. Crime labs analysed the scene and discovered she had done this herself.[66][67][68]

In February 2011, Brian Toriano, aged 34 from Lafayette, defaced two negro churches. He later admitted to police he picked the churches out based on race in an attempt to frame his ex-girlfriend who was white. He sprayed racial slurs and phrases such as “white power” and “hate crimes.”[69][70]

February 17, 2014, a negro at Grand Valley State University reported anti-negro writing and drawings on his white board. Campus police and the university’s housing department thoroughly investigated the incident and it turned out that the negro who owned the white board and reported the content had written the messages himself. The student was not punished of course.[71]

January 2014, 23-year-old Jennifer Na of Spokane Valley, Washington, spray-painted "Go back to China" outside her business and set part of her shop on fire, but forgot to turn off her security cameras and police found out it was her.[72][73]

18-year-old Navjoat Aulakh claimed men called him an "Islamic terrorist" and beat him. Police investigated and found it was another hate crime hoax and he was not even injured.[74]

In South Africa, as blacks commonly do in Africa, they burn people alive for being witches. The news media there ran a story showing white hands on a prison bar when no white people have ever done such crimes there.[75]

In 21st century Scotland, their law considers it a hate crime to even take a photo of someone throwing bacon at a mosque, not participating but just taking a photo. As an example punishment for this, Chelsea Lambie was given an 18 month prison sentence for doing just that.[76] Bear in mind for comparison that nonwhite immigrants who gang-rape children in Europe get away with only community service.[77][78][79] In another comparison, black doctors who rape white patients in the UK are given suspended prison sentences and are allowed to continue working.[80] In another example in the UK, a teenage gang terrorized two neighborhoods by throwing rocks, shouting racial slurs, vandalizing, and mugging. The only punishment the court did was they imposed a curfew and banned them from "hurling missles".[81]

Since the 2015 European migrant crisis, nonwhites in Europe making up hate crime hoaxes has become a regular occurance. For example in April 2016, a 14-year-old Muslim girl from Senegal (West Africa) who invaded Italy shortly before then started sending anonymous letters to herself full of ethnic hatred. The zio-media put it all over that she was getting hate crimes. Eventually someone compared it to the girl's own handwriting and found that she had written it. This was a huge thing in Italy and then once it was exposed as a hoax, the mainstream media totally went silent on it.[82]

Cultural Marxism

Dick Kennedy, a gay man tripped and fell on the pavement. He told police it was an attack by homophobes. This became a major sensation. He later admitted it was a lie after camera footage caught him.[83]

August 2014 in Merseyside, England, three ten-year-old boys insulted a lesbian couple. The police response was overwhelming with a city-wide manhunt for these children.[84]

Examples of Hate Crimes



Dr. William Pierce ~ Fashion for Genocide
Ferguson and the Real Race War by Bill Whittle
Man gets beaten in MetroLink train in St Louis (Original Video)
Man living in fear after he was beaten and robbed outside store
The Knockout Game in a white suburb of San Diego
ICYMI: Black people burn white woman to death because they "hate white people "
"Charlotte BLM rioters strip, beat, & drag a random white man through a parking garage" -- Charlotte, North Carolina September 2016 race riots

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