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Guido von List

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Guido von List in 1878

Guido von List (October 5, 1848 , in Vienna, – May 17, 1919, in Berlin), was a Austrian occultist of the völkisch movement. He is an important figures in Germanic mysticism and Runology. List wrote The Secret of the Runes, a detailed study of the Armanen Futharkh.

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Works Guido von List online

  • Das Geheimnis der Runen(in German)[1]
  • Die Armanenschaft der Ario-Germanen(in German)[2]
  • Die Rita der Ario-Germanen(in German)[3]
  • On the German Wotan Priestcraft(in German)[4]

External links

  • The Guido von List website [5]
  • ‘Der Meister' Guido von List and the Controversy of ‘von'. [6]

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