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Foreign aid

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People are starving and homeless in your home country, but you send it overseas.
Should have sent food.

Foreign aid is taking money from poor people in rich countries and giving it to rich people in poor countries. Foreign aid is different from paying tribute. How foreign aid works is, for instance, a government robs food from people in a rich country driving up the price of food there and then giving the food to a dictator of a poor country so his soldiers get food but destroying the agricultural economy of that poor country.[1] Even with its problems, foreign aid is preferable to allowing The Third World to invade the wealthier nations by mass immigration.

In 2014, an unnamed Ethiopian farmer won the British ZOG government's permission to sue the British government for sending them foreign aid. That's correct. Britain took taxpayer money, gave it to Ethiopians, then one of the ungrateful people got more taxpayer money to hire lawyers to sue Britain for more money. The unnamed Ethiopian has never set foot in Britain. All that is known of him is he is a father of six, which is over three times the average children a white British parent has.[2]

In July 2014, the US government pulled its foreign aid to El Salvador for rejecting Monsanto's GMO seeds. Monsanto's seeds both produce deadly crops and make farmers financially enslaved to Monsanto's patented seeds.[3]

Between 1962 and 2014, the US has given $100 billion in free money to Israel.[4]

All US aid to Israel is illegal because since 1976 it has been illegal by US law to aid any nuclear-armed nation which is not a signatory to the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty (NPF).[5]


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