UK arrested Tommy Robinson for reporting child-rape gangs that the government caters to. The UK banned reporting of his arrest, denied him a lawyer, and is trying to have him assassinated in prison. Regardless of how you feel about his views, this is a totalitarian government.

Tommy Robinson isn't the first to that the UK has jailed after a secret trial. Melanie Shaw tried to expose child abuse in a Nottinghamshire kids home -- it wasn't foreigners doing the molesting, but many members of the UK's parliament. The government kidnapped her child and permanently took it away. Police from 3 forces have treated her like a terrorist and themselves broken the law. Police even constantly come by to rob her phone and money. She was tried in a case so secret the court staff had no knowledge of it. Her lawyer, like Tommy's, wasn't present. She has been held for over 2 years in Peterborough Prison. read, read

Ernesto Nathan

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Ernesto Nathan
Nationality Jewish
Occupation politician, freemason
Title Grand Master of the Grande Oriente d'Italia
Term 1896–1904 & 1917–1919
Predecessor Adriano Lemmi then Ettore Ferrari
Successor Ettore Ferrari then Domizio Torrigiani

Ernesto Nathan (5 October 1848–9 April 1921) was a Jewish politician, although born in London, he moved to Italy at a young age and that is where he was active politically. He served as mayor of Rome from November 1907 to December 1913. A radical liberal influenced by Giuseppe Mazzini, Nathan was twice appointed the Grand Master of the Grande Oriente d'Italia between 1896–1904 and 1917–1919, effectively head of freemasonry in Italy. His basic political disposition was cosmopolitan, secularist and republican.

His strongly anti-clerical disposition in a time when the Pope was still a prisoner in the Vatican caused much widespread unrest amongst the Catholics of Rome. For instance he struggled against the Church in an attempt to place education under secularist control. His celebrations at the 40th anniversary commemoration of the Capture of Porta Pia in 1910, almost boiled over in civil conflict. However, Nathan also inaugurated what is today the Stadio Flaminio, Rome's first modern building for sporting events.

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