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Encyclopedia Dramatica (æ/ED or officially spelt Encyclopædia Dramatica) is a satirical wiki with the goal of detailing and archiving drama and lulz, with the goal being to insult every subject that relates to drama, especially those internet related. Encyclopedia Dramatica was started in December 2004 by Sherrod DeGrippo (Fursona: Hippo)[1]. It was a site dedicated to detailing and fueling Livejournal drama, but quickly branched out to cover other internet drama, such as coverage on furries, but it held nothing back and exposed even the awful truths about them. It had various furry administrators including SchmuckyTheCat, Killhamster, Blu Aardvark, Weev (short for Weevil), Pokchu (Fursona: Pokemon), Arguecat, A RAPE SPIDER, and Vermin.[2][3]

The site uses MediaWiki software. It runs on donations and needs a large amount to keep running.

Examples of content

Encyclopedia Dramatica exists as basically a troll's wiki, serving sometimes as a personal army for teenagers to insult random fags from DeviantArt. ED insults many subjects that most would be reluctant or scared to address, such as Islam, Muslims, ISIS, the NSA, etc. For instance, a brony is a subgroup of a furry and this wiki not only extensively covers many people who are bronies, but has multiple articles on the man, Chris, who was the original brony.

Ownership change

After Sherrod shut the site down on April 14, 2011 to create "Oh Internet!"[4], members from ED restarted the site. It has since branched out to satirize general topics. It generally tries to keep its articles entertaining through shock humor. When an article covered furries, that wasn't a concern because people naturally laugh at such freaks, but for non-furry topics, it takes a lot more work, and many of the articles are written by unfunny teenagers.

During the ownership change, the site lost much of its data. Most of the images on the site from that time are smaller versions of the images the site originally had. The originals were lost and cannot be retrieved.

Their main page presents featured content in an XOTN (X of the Now) format: Article, Image, Video, Quote, etc. An example of a video they have posted are some of the Murdoch Murdoch videos. In recent years, ED has shifted towards the Alt-right with many of the featured materials having been created in alt-right circles such as the 4chan / 8chan /pol/ boards.

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