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For other uses, see Druidism (disambiguation).
An Archdruid in his Judicial Habit (1815) by Samuel Rush Meyrick and Charles Hamilton Smith.

The Druids were a priestly and judicial caste, who carried out various practices in the society of an ancient Indo-European peoples in Europe known as the Celts. They formed, along with two other castes—the Ovates who were philosophers or seers and the Bards who were historians, singers and storytellers—a prominent role in the spiritual and socio-culture life of the various kingdoms of a Celtic culture existing between 500 BCE and 500 CE. The Druids often acted as advisors and judges for the various tribal chiefs and kings at court, including at times of war.

It took twenty years training to become a druid.

With the spread of the Roman Empire into places such as Gaul and Britain, their role in society began to decline. However, they managed to last out until the coming of Christianity in Ireland. The Druids refused to put their beliefs on record and instead transmitted them orally, so what little information is known of them is derived from conjectures of Greek and Roman writers—including Julius Caesar, Diodorus Siculus and Pliny the Elder—as well as later Medieval recordings of Irish and Welsh mythology, mostly put to paper by Christian monks.

The reason why the Romans invaded the island of Britain was to destroy the heart of the Celts, the druids, to destroy the druids once and for all. The Romans used war propaganda claimed the druids used human sacrfice to encourage their war.[1]



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