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Destroy Zionism!

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Destroy Zionism! was a website in the Jew-wise truth movement, edited by an anonymous author under the name of Streicher's Ghost, referencing Julius Streicher, who was tortured and murdered for running a simple newspaper, Der Stürmer, and never hurting anyone.

The website appears to have been founded in 2013 and then some time around 2015, DestroyZionism.com mysteriously just vanished with no explanation whatsoever! Archive.org retains copies of the website's articles.

The website had the banner of Exposing the World Parasite. With the decline of the Zion Crime Factory project, Destroy Zionism! was temporarily one of the best sources on the machinations of Jewish supremacists. For instance, it exposed the "Holocaust" blood libel and supported freedom of speech. During a brief period of about a year and a half, the website was regularly updated with new articles and links to informative videos. Then it all went away without explanation.

It's possible that the site owner was based in a nation such as the United Cuckdom, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, or The Cuckdom of Norway where the government regularly goes in like terrorists and raids the homes of thought criminals that post the slightest politically incorrect fact on the internet.

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