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Cancer is a disease where the body's own cells attain enough DNA damage both to replicate out of control and to invade other parts of the body. It's nicknamed The Cellular Jew.[1]

While diseases such as the human papillomavirus (HPV) can cause caner, cancer is mostly caused by doing things the body hasn't evolved tolerance for such as: eating microwaved foods before giving the micowaves time to settle, man-made magnetic fields, GM food, obesity, smoking, living in urban environments with all the pollution and loud noise. Cancer cells look different from normal cells. The below cells are clearly diseased:

Scientists have found that natural thing reduce the risk of cancer such as fruits and vegetables.[2] In a 2014 paper, the development of the AP39 compound that delivers very small amounts of hydrogen sulfide to mitochondria (which are the "powerhouses" of cells), was discussed[3]. Because the biology of hydrogen sulfide also plays a role in the growth of cancer cells, AP39 may have applications in future cancer therapies.

Cell phones

Cancer caused by cell phones and mandatory smart meters is not covered by insurance.[4]

Skin cancer

A genetically engineered virus in 2015 can kill skin cancer cells and encourage the immune system to attack them.[5]


Tests have found that immunotherapy (boosting the immune system) is more effective than chemotherapy (poisons that hopefully kill the cancer before they kill you).[6] The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that the government can force a person to take chemotherapy even if they don't want to.[7] Chemotherapy often kills people before the cancer does, with rates up to 50% at some hospitals.[8]

An immigrant doctor from the Middle East, Farid Fata, in Michigan falsely diagnosed people with cancer to make money. From this we see the effects of chemotherapy alone without cancer. People's teeth fell out and jaws changed shape. "A lot of things I love I can't eat anymore." Many people who did not have cancer and got chemo died from the chemo. One person who actually had cancer and got chemo said "None of the tumors were helped -- they increased in number, they increased in size."[9][10]

Transmissible cancer

Cancer is not supposed to be contageous like a disease, but if the two animals are genetically similar enough then the cancer spreads. Nearly extinct, tasmanian devils have had a problem with transmissible cancer. It is in the form of a facial tumor, first identified in 1996. The cancer spread not because they rubbed up against each other, but because these creatures liked to bit each other! Maybe they should stop biting each other! That's horrible behavior for an animal species to go around biting each other![11]

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