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Republic of Botswana
Lefatshe la Botswana  (language?)
Flag Coat of arms
Motto: "Pula" (Tswana)
Anthem: Fatshe leno la rona  (Tswana)
This Land of Ours
Location of  Botswana  (dark blue)in the African Union  (light blue)
Location of  Botswana  (dark blue)

in the African Union  (light blue)

and largest city
Official languages English
Ethnic groups
Religion Christianity
Government Parliamentary republic
 •  President Ian Khama
 •  Vice-President Mokgweetsi Masisi
Legislature National Assembly
Independence from the United Kingdom
 •  Established (Constitution) 30 September 1966 
 •  Total 581,730 km2 (47th)
224,610 sq mi
 •  Water (%) 2.6
 •  2016 estimate 2,250,260[1] (145th)
 •  2011 census 2,038,228 [2]
 •  Density 3.7/km2 (231st)
9.07/sq mi
GDP (PPP) 2017 estimate
 •  Total $39.054 billion[3]
 •  Per capita $17,918[3]
GDP (nominal) 2017 estimate
 •  Total $15.564 billion[3]
 •  Per capita $7,140[3]
Gini (2013)60.5[4]
very high
HDI (2015)Steady 0.698[5]
medium · 108th
Currency Pula (BWP)
Time zone Central Africa Time (UTC+2)
Date format DD/MM/YYYY
Drives on the left
Calling code +267
Internet TLD .bw

The Republic of Botswana, is a landlocked nation in Southern Africa. Citizens of Botswana are Batswana (singular: Motswana), regardless of ethnicity. Formerly the British protectorate of Bechuanaland, Botswana adopted its new name after becoming independent within the Commonwealth on September 30, 1966. It is bordered by South Africa to the south and southeast, Namibia to the west, Zambia to the north, and Zimbabwe to the northeast. The economy, closely tied to South Africa's, is dominated by mining (especially diamonds), tourism, and cattle.

Fun fact: Botswana has built an electrified WALL between itself and Zimbabwe to keep out migrants, and you don't see liberals complaining about that.

City centre buildings in Gaborone, Botswana
A traditional dwelling


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