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Ben Garrison

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Ben Garrison
A 4chan screencap where a person says they are a Jew and they made the first Ben Garrison photoshops. Years later, it turned out Joshua Goldberg was the main person altering the drawings.
This is one of the images the Jew in the 4chan screencap said they made by altering Ben Garrison's cartoons. No one who supports Hitler would claim the final solution of 6 million was real. The red text "This image was altered from the original image" was put on for display at Rightpedia.
Facebook removed The Mantra but of course they leave the libel against Ben Garrison up.

Ben Garrison is a cartoonist who makes cartoons opposing the Federal Reserve, international banking, and general political corruption.

People altering his cartoons and photoshopping him

Although large banks, The Federal Reserve, the vast majority of political advisors in the USA, and powerful lobbying groups such as the SPLC, ADL, and AIPAC are by Jews, Mr. Garrison has never criticized Jews specifically. He focuses on criticizing things like government corruption.[1] He also doesn't even have National Socialist beliefs; for instance, he wrote on his blog that he is a fan of modern art including "I’ve never seen a Picasso painting that I didn’t like."[2]

However his cartoons have been altered to into anti-semitic parodies. People who have criticized jews openly such as David Duke and Mel Gibson have suffered backlash. Since the parodies are under his name, this is a threat for him.

The parodies link to his website and one visit will show that he does not make cartoons that attack Jews or promote the Third Reich. What's more, lots of people have made antisemitic, racist, and pro-Hitler cartoons and they have put their own name to it.

I believe in free speech–and I welcome them to draw their OWN damn cartoons and put their OWN names on them. But that would require some guts on their part and like most bullies, they have NONE.
— Mr. Garrison[3]

Why don't the people making Garrison photoshops create own cartoons? Why not at least say the cartoons are altered? Well, the reason is that the people who alter his cartoons are internet trolls. The people who alter his cartoons don't even believe in the message they change them to. On the side is a screencap from 4chan saying a person who actually is Jewish made the cartoons and in the past Jews themselves have honestly made antisemitic content.[4] Another screencap is one saying The Holocaust happened, but people who support Hitler today believe The Holocaust was a lie and would not promote the notion that it happened. Therefore, it is just trolls doing this who have no political message and just want to harass somebody.

All I want to do is raise awareness about the broken system of money we have due to Keynesianism, out-of-control statism and especially the Federal Reserve. They want to twist the dialogue to racism and bigotry. That way, if you question the Fed, you automatically become a fringe nut. Just the way the bankers like it. I wonder if the Nazis get paid by the elite bankers to do this? Hmmmm…
— Mr. Garrison[3]
Rest assured my target is the elite international banking system and the Federal Reserve. NOT Jews.
— Mr. Garrison[5]

In time, more trolls put Mr. Garrison's name on other cartoons from racist ones (e.g. old 1990s A. Wyatt Mann cartoons) to drawn pornography.[6][7] They have taken photos of him and altered them. They have even taken recordings of him and edited the recordings to make him say hateful things toward jews and various races.[8] People even impersonate him.[9][10]

The same thing that happens on 4chan happens on Facebook. Now for a background, Facebook deletes the White History Month Pages, all criticism of Israel, criticism of Obama, and anything pro-white, so surely they would delete the altered cartoons, right? Wrong. Facebook hypocritically responded, “This page wasn’t removed. We reviewed the page you reported for harassment. Since it did not violate our community standards, we did not remove it. Thanks for your report.”[11] In August 2015, Facebook banned criticism of immigration, including complaining that immigrants take away jobs and left libel of Mr. Garrison up.[12][13]

In 2009 he had made a cartoon called "All Aboard ...The Government Bulls**t Train" where he had various cars on the train as aspects of the government and one was '"Hate" Speech' with quotes around the word "hate" showing it was some nonsense government oppression.[14] In 2014, he became so sick of being trolled that he went against his libertarian values and called for an end to hate speech; he said that "Hate speech is not free speech."[15]

During the 2015 Baltimore race riots, trolls were able to get him mentioned on TV news channel Fox 10 Phoenix where the reporters on air described him by the false identity trolls put for him.[16]

In late Spring 2014, The Daily Stormer a normally untarnished, excellent alternative media news source began running pieces tastelessly making fun of him,[17] which he has complained about on his blog.[18] However in April 12, 2018, Andrew Anglin, head of The Daily Stormer, said a different message, "Ben Garrison Cartoon Shows the Truth. I love Ben Garrison. Best artist."[19]

Cartoon work professional history

He is from Lakeside, Montana.[20] Early in his career, he has been a graphic artist for The Seattle Post-Intelligencer and The San Antonio Express Newgarrison1s. His first cartoons were published in The San Angelo Standard Times in the early 1980s.[21] This lasted only a few years and stopped around 1990.[20]

In fall 2008, after seeing the bank bailout of 2008, he began drawing cartoons again, indepdendently. He drew them to expose government corruption and what he considers to be the "heart of darkness," the US Federal Reserve. In 2009, within months of making his first anti-Federal Reserve cartoons, people began to alter them.

By 2015, he started making a lot of political cartoons in support of Donald Trump, in opposition to the establishment, and in opposition to Communists. Suddenly people were spreading his real cartoons around without altering them. Some Cultural Marxists got mad though because he criticized them, especially after criticizing Michelle Obama. In late May 2015, he appeared on Alex Jones to discuss it and both Alex and Mr. Garrison at once point even agreed there was evidence that Michelle was secretly born a man.[22]

By 2016, Mr. Garrison's cartoons were frequently featured in many respected publications, especially alternative media. Part of this is due to his cartoons being about the US presidential election. One place that regularly features is cartoons is infowars.com and prisonplanet.com. Mr. Garrison has been interviewed on Infowars multiple times.[23]

On August 22, 2016, Mr. Garrison's website grrrgraphics.com was shut down. Again, the webhost gave another lame excuse. The hosting company made up various lies about why they shut his site down.[24] Each time his website was shut down, it was after he posted a Hillary Clinton political cartoon. His webhost was MacHighway and he planned to move to a different host.[25]

September 2016, jewish mafia terrorist and hate group, the Anti-Defamation League, added the Pepe The Frog meme, symbol of the Alt-Right, to their "hate symbol" database.[26] A week later at the end of the month, Zazzle--a website that lets people make things like custom coffee mugs and T-shirts--banned all items with Pepe on them. Ben Garrison was an example victim. Zazzle didn't even give a reason at all, they just removed it.[27]


He wrote a book, Rogue Cartoonist: The Internet Perils of a Citizen Muckraker. Initially it was going to be an ebook, but he later made it into a paperback.[28] For a while he cancelled it,[29] but due to popular support he self-published it and it appeared on Amazon late April 2015.[30] In May, he released an ebook for around a third the price.[31][32]

He had a print-on-demand book from BookBaby. Print-on-demand is expensive and the book sells for $34.20 while he only makes $2 per book sale.[33] BookBaby was supposed to print his book on demand failed to print a single copy on demand and simply kept the money he paid them for it.[34]


"Real Politik" with Dr. James Tracy - Interview 38: Ben Garrison 02-22-2015
Artist Stand Against Leftist Persecution Makes Him a Super Star

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