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Anti-intellectualism in contemporary discourses is a political epithet derived from the 1963 propaganda work Anti-Intellectualism in American Life by the Communist Jew, Richard Hofstadter who belonged to the Communist Party USA, but later moved toward a more Frankfurt School, Freudian-inspired Cultural Marxist disposition. The core of Hofstadter's meme is to express the racial anxiety that cosmopolitan Jews feel towards the organic conservative and populist rural populations in the United States and to demonise them for refusing to be socially engineered by the ideas of the Jewish and liberal intelligencia from places such as New York City.

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  • Jewish intellectual movements, according to Hofstadter, the American rural populations are very, very naughty for not adopting the social malices created by Jews and presented to the world as simply objective, disinterested intellectual movements.
  • Conspiracy theory, another epithet invented by Karl Popper, which expresses Jewish racial anxiety at populations groups who have not been sufficiently socially engineered and brainwashed by Jewish intellectual movements. Hofstadter's follow up in 1964, The Paranoid Style in American Politics, expressed similar Jewish fears.
  • Philistinism, a term once more widepread in the English-speaking world, which described people who were not versed in the arts and beauty; the Jew factor that Hofstadter brought to the meme "anti-intellectualism" was not present in this discourse.
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