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Antônio de Castro Mayer

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Antônio de Castro Mayer.

Antônio de Castro Mayer (20 June 1904 — 25 April 1991) was a Brazilian Catholic prelate who served as Bishop of Campos from 1949 to 1981 and was a close ally of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. His father was a German from Bavaria, while his mother was a Brazilian peasant girl and de Castro Mayer entered a minor seminary at age 12, dedicating his entire life to the Catholic faith. As a Bishop, he fought against the Marxist-Jesuit scheme of liberation theology and resisted the modernist innovations of the Second Vatican Council. His flock were associated with the Priestly Society of Saint John Mary Vianney, which continued to practice the Latin Mass. Along with Archbishop Lefebvre, he consecrated four bishops at Écône in 1988 (for which he was attacked by the Vatican), though never officially joined the Society of St. Pius X.


  • The Mouth of the Lion: Bishop Antonio de Castro Mayer & the Last Catholic Diocese (1998) by David Allen White


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