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Ancient and Primitive Rite

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The Ancient and Primitive Rite, also called the Order of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis-Mizraim, is a Masonic Rite first popularized by John Yarker and generally considered clandestine by Masonic organizations within the UGLE framework.


Yarker's Rite

As promulgated by John Yarker, it was a combination of the Oriental Rite of Memphis (established 1814), and Rite of Mizraim (established 1813), both in France, and it never had more than 300 members. Yarker claimed a history going to Bonaparte's armies in Egypt, and traced the development of the Rite until his present day. He professed also that "Its Rituals embrace all Masonry, and are based on those of the Craft universal; they explain its symbols, develope [sic] its mystic philosophy, exemplify its morality, examine its legends, tracing them to their primitive source, and dealing fairly and truthfully with the historical features of Symbolical Masonry. They contain nothing in their teaching but what Mahommedan, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Brahmin, or Parsee may alike acknowledge." [1]

Modern Revivals

In the modern day, there are various "Sovereign Sanctuaries" that claim a jurisdiction over the Rite, claim the same history as Yarker did (while not mentioning him), but also state they are exclusively "Christian in thought" and reserve the right to prohibit membership of "those who do not profess a strong believe [sic] in Jesus the Christ", and espouse that "the Rite is Christian in its nature due to the majority of the Rituals Degrees being based upon the Christian Tradition of the New Testament, the Rite reserves the Right to only admit those that have a firm believe in Jesus The Christ, such as any Christian Master Mason, Muslim Master Mason or Messianic Jew Master Mason."[2]


The Rite of Memphis confers the degrees from 4° through 32°:[3]

First Series: Chapter

Class II: College

  • 4° - Discreet Master
  • 5° - Sublime Master
  • 6° - Knight of the Sacred Arch
  • 7° - Knight of the Secret Vault

Class III: Chapter

  • 8° - Knight of the Sword
  • 9° - Knight of Jerusalem
  • 10° - Knight of the Orient
  • 11° - Knight of the Rose Croix

Second Series: Senate

Class IV: Senate

  • 12° - Knight of the Red Eagle
  • 13° - Knight of the Temple
  • 14° - Knight of the Tabernacle
  • 15° - Knight of the Serpent
  • 16° - Knight Sage of Truth
  • 17° - Knight Hermetic Philosopher

Class V: Areopagus

  • 18° - Knight Kadosh
  • 19° - Knight of the Royal Mystery
  • 20° - Knight Grand Inspector

Third Series: Sublime Council

Class VI: Consistory

  • 21° - Grand Installator
  • 22° - Grand Consecrator
  • 23° - Grand Eulogist
  • 24° - Patriarch of Truth
  • 25° - Patriarch of the Planispheres
  • 26° - Patriarch of the Vedas

Class VII: Council

  • 27° - Patriarch of Isis
  • 28° - Patriarch of Memphis
  • 29° - Pontiff of the Mystic City
  • 30° - Perfect Pontiff, Sublime Master of the Great Work


Grand Tribunal

  • 31° - Grand Defender
  • 32° - Prince of Memphis


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