Alabama Vote Fraud!!! Doug Jones Supporter Says “We Came From Different Parts of the Country”

"Clearly Vladimir Putin and the Russian government hacked the Alabama Senate special election. Since an equivalent amount of evidence exists to prove Russian hacking in both the 2016 General Election and the Alabama Senate Election - we rightfully demand a special prosecutor!" -- Stefan Molyneux

Truth movement

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The Truth Seeker movement is an anti-New World Order development, existing primarily in the Western world.


The Truth movement first got into public prominence during the mid-1990s and has grown through the internet. Most Truthers are anarcho-capitalists, libertarians, and paleoconservatives.

Those involved in the movement, usually refer to themselves as Truth Seekers or Whistle blowers. Various New World Order organisations, such as B'nai B'rith and Communist groups, refer to them with the strongly derogatory epithet "conspiracy theorists". Some of the concepts are esoteric such as reptilian humanoids but they mainly focus on Zionism but they usually call it globalism.

Opposition from Globalists

Dianne Feinstein strongly opposes alternative media and sponsored the California bill S. 987, made with an Orwellian doublespeak name, "the Free Flow of Information Act of 2013". This bill will simply put prevent the free flow of information, or in more detail it will make the first ammendment only apply to media outlets under Zionist control. Feinstein has a long history of attacking the constitution from the second amendment to Edward Snowden.[1]

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The Moment of Revelation - They Live 2016

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