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Alternative Right

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This article is about the magazine. For the alt-right brand name, see: alt-right
Alternative Right
Alternative Right.png
Type online magazine
Purpose Paleoconservatism
American nationalism

Alternative Right refers to an identitarian website magazine created by Richard Spencer and Colin Liddell[1][2] in 2010 and to the later "New Alternative Right" webzine, edited by Liddell and Andy Nowicki, that was created when the first website was shut down in 2013.[3][4] Richard Spencer's Alternative Right was hosted at AlternativeRight.com and funded by NPI America before Spencer shut it down, saying it was too much work to manage.[5]

Although the first known use of "Alternative Right" was in November 2008 when Paul Gottfried addressed the H. L. Mencken Club about what he called "the alternative right",[6][7] The Alternative Right website itself where the term "alt right" and "alternative right" came to the mainstream. In the 2010s, the alt-right became a brand name that usually focused on the identitarian values of the magazine, but since no one owned it, its use has been varied. The alt-right movement usually centered around Nationalism (alt-center) as opposed to Globalism.


Elspeth Reeve of The Atlantic wrote that one of its editors, Jason Richwine, basically to paraphrase, he tries to be anti-racist but is not effective at it.[8] To compare her criticism, she gave a harsher criticism to John Derbyshire of the National Cuckview, then known as the National Review, and said he had "a long career of writing outrageously racist things."[9] The National Cuckview fired Derbyshire a day later for being politically incorrect.[10]

Of interest to note is Derbyshire is white but his wife is Chinese (ethnically and by birth). He has multiple hapa children with her.[11] This kind of thing is what some groups like Renegade Broadcasting criticize the alt-right for.

Attacked by...

By Cultural Marxists

E.D. Kain of True/Slant summaried the publication with "the far-right-wingers at Alternative Right represent the ugly – and yes racist – underbelly of ‘alt’ conservatism. This is white nationalism, folks, dressed up in faux-intellectualism." He added, "in this world view diversity and difference are not enough. Superiority is necessary."[12]

By the New World Order Zionist Mafia

Two Communist, Zionist, jewish supremacist groups that are both hate groups and terrorist groups--which are taken as The Bible by Zionist Occupied Governments and Zio-Communist Wikipedia--both have attacked this magazine. They are the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) (a group that defames everyone else) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) which is basically the same as the ADL.[13][2]

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