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100 authors against Einstein

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The title page of the book "100 authors against Einstein."

100 authors against Einstein is a book published in 1931 in which Einstein's relativity theory is refuted.

Although the book is relatively short (only 104 pages), it is a useful source, because Einstein's theory is refuted from many different viewpoints: some contributions are philosophical, others focus on the mathematics or on the physics, while it even contains contributions in which psychological arguments are used. Some contributions are written in a popular way, so they can be read by people who are not scientifically trained. Other contributions are intended for scientists. Many contributions are in fact summaries of extensive research by the authors and the references are given to published books and articles so the readers know where to obtain background information or where to check the conclusions presented in 100 authors against Einstein.

The book is written in German (its German title is: "Hundert Autoren gegen Einstein") and has not yet been translated into the English language.

In fact, the book contains the names of 120 authors against Einstein.

The book contains contributions from many authors:

  1. Professor Dr. Walter Del-Negro.
  2. Professor Dr. Hans Driesch
  3. Dr. S. Friedlaender
  4. Dr. I.K. Geissler
  5. Armin Gimmerthal
  6. Professor Dr. Ludwig Goldschmidt
  7. Professor Dr. A.H. de Hartog
  8. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Hans Israel
  9. Hugo Keller
  10. Professor Dr. O. Kraus
  11. Dr. W. Kuntz
  12. Dr. Emanuel Lasker - Philosopher, mathematician and chess world champion
  13. Dr. J. Le Roux
  14. Dr. P.F. Linke
  15. Professor Dr. Sten Lothigius
  16. Professore Dr. H.J. Mellin
  17. Lothar Mitis
  18. Dr. Vincenz Nachreiner
  19. Dr. K.O. Petraschek
  20. Dr. Walther Rauschenberger
  21. Dr. Arvid Reuterdahl
  22. Dr. Gustav Richter
  23. Dr. Erich Ruckhaber
  24. Professor Dr. Strehl
  25. Dr. Karl Vogtherr
  26. Professor Dr. W. Walte
  27. Dr. Rudolf Weinmann
  28. Georg Wendel

    In addition to contributions by the above authors, the book "100 authors against Einstein" contains a list with anti-Einstein publications by the following authors:

  29. M. Abraham (Paris)
  30. Fr. Adler
  31. G. Alliata (Locarno)
  32. W. Anderson (Dorpat)
  33. W. Balster
  34. Prof. E. Becher (München)
  35. Prof. A. Becker
  36. Prof. K. Benedicks (Stockholm)
  37. Prof. H. Bergson (Paris)
  38. K.F. Bottlinger
  39. A.H. Bucherer
  40. Prof. E. Budde (Halle)
  41. Prof. E. Dennert (Godesberg)
  42. Prof. H. Dingler (München)
  43. J. Dreschler
  44. Prof. P. Ehrenfest (Leyden)
  45. H. Fricke (Berlin)
  46. G. Friedrichs
  47. Prof. M. Frischeisen-Köhler
  48. H. Gartelmann
  49. D. Gawronsky
  50. Prof. E Gehrcke (Berlin)
  51. H. Geppert
  52. L. Gilbert
  53. G. von Gleich (Ludwigsburg)
  54. E. Großmann
  55. Prof. Th. Häring
  56. Prof. G. Hamel (Berlin)
  57. Prof. Hartwig (Bamberg)
  58. I.E.G. Hirzel
  59. A. Höfler
  60. Prof. C. Isenkrahe
  61. Jovicic
  62. Prof. Fr. Karollus (Brünn)
  63. A. Kirschmann (Leipzig)
  64. L. Klages (Kilchberg)
  65. A. Krauße (Eberswalde)
  66. I. Kremer
  67. E. Kretschmann
  68. Prof. J. v. Kries
  69. H.E. Lauer (Wien)
  70. Prof. E. Lecher
  71. Prof. P. Lenard (Heidelberg)
  72. C. Leopold
  73. Prof. F. Lipsius (Leipzig)
  74. Prof. E. Mach
  75. Prof. H. Maier (Berlin)
  76. Fritz Mauthner (Berlin)
  77. Prof. St. Mohorovicic (Agram)
  78. A. Nyman
  79. P. Painlevé
  80. Prof. M. Palagyi
  81. G. Péczi
  82. A. Pfaff (München)
  83. Podeck (Berlin)
  84. Prof. Poincaré (Paris)
  85. Prof. A. Prey (Prag)
  86. Prof. N. von Raschevsky
  87. Prof. J. Rehmke
  88. E. Reichenbächer
  89. Riedinger (Jena)
  90. L. Ripke-Kühn (Berlin)
  91. R. Rothe
  92. E. Rupp
  93. G. Sagnac
  94. J. Schultz
  95. O. Schwinge
  96. Prof. T.A. See (U.S.A)
  97. Prof. H. von Seeliger (München)
  98. Fr. Selety
  99. Sittig (Magdeburg)
  100. I. Stickers (Luzern)
  101. H. Strasser (Bern)
  102. Eddo Thedinga (Berlin)
  103. R. Thiry (Straßburg)
  104. R. Tomaschek
  105. H. Triebel (Berlin)
  106. J.H. Tummers (Nymegen)
  107. Del Vecchio (Rom)
  108. F. Wächter
  109. Prof. M.B. Weinstein (Kowno)
  110. Prof. O.E. Westin (Stockholm)
  111. Prof. J.E. Wichert (Göttingen)
  112. Prof. W. Wien
  113. Prof. O.H. Wiener (Leipzig)
  114. H. Wittig (Magdeburg)
  115. Prof. I. Wodetzky (Debreczin)
  116. Prof. M. Wolf (Eberswalde)
  117. Prof. I. Zboril (Bratislava)
  118. J.H. Ziegler (Zürich)
  119. Prof. Th. Ziehen (Halle)
  120. H. Zlamal

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